The Timeline Of My Life (I'm thankful for every minute of it!)

Born: May 1965
First Kiss (Real) Approx: April 1977
HS Graduation: June 1983
College Graduation: June 1988
Met husband: March 1995
Married: July 1998
First Child: September 1999
Second Child: July 2003

Major themes: by decade:

Ages 1-10-Being born, potty training, (still working on it), births of my two sisters, learning alphabet, elementary school, general kid stuff.

Ages 11-20-Adolescence and teen years. Hoping to grow boobs (still waiting), spending time passing notes with friends, talking on the phone, staying out past my curfew and generally breaking the rules. (with activities such as tennis team, cheerleading, student council and job at the mall mixed in-I wasn't all bad!)

Ended decade with going to college (gaining the freshmen 15), losing virginity (at 20 years old-LATE BLOOMER!) On the losing virginity subject-my first words to my boyfriend at the time after "losin' it" were..."so THAT'S what everyone makes such a big deal out of?!" (I think he was insulted.) But I digress...

Living at the beach with friends in the summer-CAN YOU SAY DRINK, SLEEP, LAY ON BEACH, DRINK, SLEEP, LAY ON BEACH-repeat 85 times!)

Ages 20-30: College, first jobs (low paying horrible hours type of entertainment/media jobs: QVC, Radio City Music Hall) my stint at acting and voice overs in NYC and trying to "find myself" and sowing wild oats. I served many a drink and waited many a table during this decade. I met my husband during this phase of my life. (I was carrying a tray or tarter sauce and he got all turned on!)

Ages 30-40: Moving to the 'burbs. Marriage (at age 33-OLD MAID!!!) Buying first house. Two babies. Joined the PTA and started playing tennis again! MAJOR HOUSE RENOVATION! Actually started to care about paint colors, furniture, lighting fixtures and stainless steel appliances. SOMEONE HELP ME-I'M SO BORING!

Ages: 40-50: Both girls will still be in school. I'm planning on getting my real estate license when Catherine starts kindergarten. Hopefully I'll be a huge success (and phony) and bring in massive amounts of cash for when my daughters attend Harvard!!! ( I can dream can't I ?) When I hit 50 Meg will be 16 and Catherine 12. I might need to switch to healthy eating (and Valium) to handle two adolescent girls at the ripe old age of fifty!


50-60: When I'm sixty Meg will be 26 and Catherine will graduate from college. (God willing!) Hopefully at this point they will be independent ladies and Brad and I can travel the world and I can have my first face lift. (kidding!) This dream will only become a reality if I stick to "THE BUDGET!"

I'm getting tired of this so I'll sum it up with 60 plus...

Let's hope I'll still be alive and kicking at this juncture. Maybe my girls will start having babies sooner than I did and I'll have some cute little grandchildren to spoil!

As I look back, were there some things I would have changed? Yeah-sure, I won't lie. But we all make mistakes, and in the long run, I think I've made lots of good choices and I'm happy where I am now!

How about you-what are the highlights (or lowlights) of your timeline?

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?

~Satchel Paige


Polly said...

What a beautiful bride. My kids read my blog, so I don't dare give all my "highlights." : P

Avery Gray said...

I love this!

Did you know that you were born two month after my husband, and had your first kiss two months before I was born. Yep, my hubby's a cradle robber. ;o)

The 5 Bickies said...

we track pretty closely at the beginning...I was born Aug 1965, graduated high school May 1983, and graduated college April 1988. I met my hubby 1989 and married him in 1994. My first child was born in 1998, second in 2001 and 3rd in 2003. I would have loved more but saw myself walking down the halls of the elementary school with a WALKER! As it is, I'll be near 50!!!!

I'll be looking for you on Friday at Lilly!

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