New Jersey's Finest!

What better way to relieve tension than to let a
Hooters girl play with your Uzi!?

Hoboken disbands police SWAT unit in wake of racy photos

HOBOKEN, N.J. - The police department's SWAT team has been disbanded, just days after officials learned of racy photos showing the unit's commander and other officers cavorting with waitresses from a Hooters restaurant in Alabama.

Bill Bergin, a former deputy chief with the Hoboken Fire Department who was named the city's civilian public safety director on Thursday, made the announcement shortly after he was sworn in to the post on Friday.

"The unit itself has been disbanded permanently," Bergin told The Jersey Journal of Jersey City for a story posted on its Web site Friday night. He said the SWAT team members would remain on the force and continue their normal police duties.

Bergin also ordered the SWAT team's commander, Lt. Angelo Andriani, to return from vacation and assigned him to desk duty.

Andriani is named in a federal discrimination lawsuit brought by five Latino officers, who claim he is a racist who coerced four of them to work on his house when they should have been on duty.

Andriani has denied the allegations.

The photos were taken last year on a return trip from Louisiana, where the Hoboken officers helped with the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

They show the waitresses holding shotguns and other weapons belonging to officers under Andriani's command. Some of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit were among the officers present.

City Councilman Ruben Ramos Jr. on Friday called for an investigation by the city into the conduct of the officers during the trip.

Remember kids tequila, bimbos

and machine guns DO NOT MIX!

Do you think they expensed their
jello shots and condoms?


Tickled Pink & Green said...

Isn't it amazing how normally bright men's brains just turn to complete mush around a bunch of.....hooters?

What is funny is the only time I've been to a Hooters is in New Jersey! When we lived there, there just were not that many restaurants around (unless you wanted to drive far away) and so we occasionally went to one for buffalo wings, because it was just about the only place we could find them.

hello darling (formerly hello sunshine!) said...

*laugh* Fantastic.

Oh Hooters- I've never been to one, but my also-large-busted bestie and I were once offered jobs there... by a guy sitting in the restaurant next to us. EW.

BOOPSIE said...

I don't give a hoot no one is leaving comments on my Blog guess Blogging is for 30 and 40 ish yuppies not Grannies yoo can all jump in a lake as far as I'm concerned. It's age discrimination

magnolia mama said...

classy ladies!

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