Nothing comes easy...

Happy New Year! (Or should I say, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day?) Whatever...

I've got to tell you, I had some lofty goals for the old blog this year. I actually thought for a moment that I would try to post EVERY SINGLE DAY in 2011. What a joke!!!

I CAN tell you this. I am so damn proud of myself for actually logging in to Blogger and posting something. ANYTHING.

I can't blame my lack of material on a shortage of ideas. I have ideas all the time. BRILLIANT ideas, hilarious ideas. They come to me at odd times, like when I'm sitting in the line for school pickup, or at the supermarket. In the past, I would write them down. Now...well they just kind of faaaade away.

It really is incredible that anyone blogs at all, when you think of everything that goes into a good post.

It's kind of like getting married and staying married, or selling a house. So much has to fall into place. You've got to meet the right person, he has to think YOU'RE the right person...you need to share the same values and goals. Hopefully you're sexually compatible. You need to get along with each other's families, and then you have to buy a ring, plan a wedding, LIVE together. Holy Hell. No wonder the divorce rate is so high.

Same thing for selling a house. You've got to get your house all cleaned up. Then everyone has to look at it. Maybe someone will like it and think you have it priced right. Then they abuse you and make you fix everything, the lawyers get involved. Next comes the mortgage. They look at every transaction you've ever made since you were 17 years old. One slip and NO mortgage. Wow. No wonder the real estate market is in the tank.

The same goes for this blog. I have to come up with one of my brilliant ideas. (That's the easy part ;) ) THEN, I have to actually write it down when it comes to me, which in many cases would require me to get out of bed at 1 am and get a pen and paper.) THEN, at some future time I would have to go to my computer and NOT log on to Facebook. (Harder than it seems.)

I then have to actually log on to Blogger and write without interruption.

Holy sh*t. No wonder this blog has died.

The good news is...I actually did it today AND I've managed to stay married for almost 13 years.

Damn I'm good.

Maybe tomorrow I will do it again.

I'm on a roll people. I'm making it happen.

It's this kind of get up and go that makes America great.

More soon....God willing.

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