Oh Wayne, I've missed you so!

Like most of us, there are moments in life when I feel a little stressed. I know I'm really lucky to have two wonderful daughters and a very busy life, but sometimes the happiest of times require double time effort. Around the holidays I almost reached a breaking point. There was a TON of pressure I was being pulled in so many directions, parties, travel, traffic, and the usual chaos, times a thousand.

One of the biggest stresses for me, was trying make sure everyone was happy, which we all know, is impossible.

It seems that, as much as I tried to please everyone, inevitably someone was left feeling neglected, which always makes me feel crappy. (Is there a therapist in the blogging audience?)

In all the craziness, I made some decisions.

In addition to cutting down on my junk food and caffeine consumption, drastically,
I made an effort to listen to more music and less talk and news radio. Unfortunately the news reports while informative, can really stress me out. Have you ever heard the term, "Ignorance is bliss?"

Anyway, The other day, as I listened to the news, I decided to tune it out and crank up some tunes. as I reached for a CD, I looked down and there he was, smiling up at me from the side door pocket of my minivan, was the man. My man. Dr. Wayne Dyer.

To be continued..

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