2007 Wrap Up

Let's see. Another year gone by. What have I accomplished?

As I ponder the year past I am woefully aware that my milestones, despite all my "busyness," are pretty unimpressive on paper.

I started this blog-that's something-right? I chaired my daughter's school Art Show and volunteered at numerous school events. Ummm. I was the captain of my women's summer tennis team. I started selling Southern Living at HOME (we'll see how long that lasts!). I've been a good neighbor, "the greatest mom in the world" (according to my girls), a decent wife, a GREAT pet owner (those damn dogs rule my house!), a dutiful daughter...but nothing SPECTACULAR springs to mind.

So do I have any goals for 2008? Of course I do, I am now officially on "the budget", I want to make my husband more of a priority (poor fellow), get organized (no lie, I've been saying that since 9th grade!) I'd like to travel more and accumulate less "stuff." I'm also going to practice more "anonymous random acts of kindness" giving to others and expecting no acknowledgment or praise in return.

Other than that I'm just going to "keep on keepin' on." Happy New Year to all of you! Wishing you all a wonderful year to come!

(If you'd like to share your 2007 accomplishments or 2008 resolutions, just hit that little comment button and fire away!!)


I'm having a mid-life beauty crisis!

Maybe I should try "Facercise!"

In my eternal quest to look younger and foxier I went to Ulta to try the Bare Escentuals mineral makeup that everyone RAVES about. The salesgirl tried it on me and I was underwhelmed. Kind of like when you cut a picture of Jennifer Aniston out of a magazine and tell your hairdresser, "I want to look like THAT" and then secretly feel disappointed when your haircut doesn't transform you into Rachel from "Friends." (Or Posh Spice, Meg Ryan (pre-lip job), or any other celeb who has the hot hair of the week!)

Okay, back to my face...after she carefully applied the makeup I really made her feel awkward. I stared at myself like a sullen teenager with a zit and said. "Nothing's gonna work. I'm just OLD." (Pathetic, I know!) "Well," she said..."have you tried an eye cream?" "I sure have" I replied,..."Dermalogica, Elizabeth Arden, Clinique, Hylexin"...I continued to ramble on the names of every cream I've blown my kids' college fund on..."I think I'm going to try Botox." She looked panicked..."DON'T DO THAT!!!" I loved the attention I was getting.

Anyway...I got my sh--t together and we found some lovely lipstick and eyeshadow and called it a day.

Help me out here ladies. I do have dark circles and I have tried lots of stuff. What do you use? Any makeup tricks? Also, my skin under my eyes is getting "crepey." What is a 42 year old Irish/German former sun worshipper to do?!

It's 1 AM-I guess a little beauty sleep couldn't hurt!!!

There are some things you can't cover up
with lipstick and powder
Thought I heard you mention my name
can't you talk any louder?

Don't come any closer
Don't come any nearer
My vision of you can't come any clearer
Oh I just wanna hear Girls Talk

From Girls Talk by Dave Edmunds (LOVE THAT SONG!!)


Blogging Idol

I've been at this blogging thing for about 4 months now. I can't remember the first blog I ever read but I DO know that I lurked on Melissa C. Morris's blog as well as on Suburban Cupcake for about a year.

My sister-in-law told me that she was considering starting one so I thought-what the heck? Little did I know the all consuming power of the blog!!! Who are my Blogging Idols? Read my blogroll and you'll get a peek into some of the ladies who I dig. It's scary how many talented and interesting blogs there are! Unfortunately there aren't enough hours in a day to check them all out. (Unless I give up sleeping-which is absolutely NOT going to happen-I do love my sleep ever so much!)

How about you gals (and guys-any dudes out there?) Who are your Blog Idols-and how did you get involved in this highly addictive little pastime?

I love hearing from all 70 of you folks who read my blog each day (Sitemeter at work!) So don't be shy, and I promise not to be offended if I'm not your Blog Idol!!!


Two thumbs WAY up!

Brad and I just saw "Juno." LOVED IT! It had an amazing cast. Ellen Page, who plays the title character is adorable and hilarious. Michael Cera, who plays her baby's father has a much smaller role, but he is perfectly cast and adds so much to the film with a few lines.

I also liked the fact that this is a movie about teenagers that doesn't portray adults as idiots.

I've posted the trailer below.

Have you seen it? If so, what did you think?

Oh, and by the way...Diablo Cody, who wrote "Juno" has her own blog, here's the link: diablocody.blogspot.com-she's a very funny lady.

My favorite line from the movie...
Vanessa: "Aren't your parents worried about where you are?"
Juno: "I'm already pregnant, what other
shenanigans can I get into?"

Here's the Juno trailer...


Inside the mind of mommy...

Have you heard about this website?  Moms can anonymously confess their sins and other moms can support them with a "me too!"  Confessions range from "I'm starting a leave my husband fund" to "I've been secretly eating my kids' Halloween candy while they sleep!"

There are plenty of confessions we can all relate to.  Some pretty entertaining, others sad. 

Click on the link below to check out some real "Desperate Housewives!"


The latest idea from our friends at NaBloPoMo!

P.S. One of my New Year's resolutions is to clean up my language.


Christmas footnote...

The presents are all unwrapped, our guests have gone home and Christmas was a huge success. A few thoughts-post excitement.

Christmas Cards: Every year we send out a cute card (see below)...this year I was FLOORED by some of the photos I received. The quality was better than the images I see in Vogue and Harper's! Artsy black and whites, children walking through flower filled fields, or standing on docks dressed all in white. Top of the line. Not to be outdone, I've hired Steven Meisel to photograph my children for next year's card! :)

Santa: As I was hiding in my basement wrapping gifts I thought about how Santa has been stealing my thunder and I was VERY tempted to skew the gift giving in Mom and Dad's favor. I somehow managed to resist the temptation to take the credit and I'm so glad I did. It's probably the last year my 8 year old will believe in Santa-and it was so priceless to see how happy she was opening those magical gifts from the Big Guy!

All in all it was a fabulous day, lots of cousins, lots of noise and I am sore as can be from boxing my 16 year old nephew on the Wii!

Hope your holiday was as fun as ours!


Welcome Christmas
While we stand
Heart to heart
And hand in hand!

-Dr. Seuss

Have a safe and peaceful holiday!


My blog is becoming so commercial!!


Click on the image to jump to T-Shirt Humor. They have some very funny stuff and lots of blog related items.

Once again-I am not compensated for this endorsement. (Although I am hoping the VP of Marketing at T-Shirt Humor leaves a comment!)


A new way to get my dose of caffeine!

My husband and I just purchased the Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewer. Have you seen these babies? Awesome. They make single cups of coffee, tea, hot chocolate-the selection is HUGE! And the coffee tastes DELICIOUS!

I am not a paid spokesperson (don't I wish...I could have my own infomercial!!) I'm just a housewife and satisfied customer who loves all things caffeinated.

I ordered a whole variety of coffee, tea and gourmet hot cocoa K-Cups from their coffee club-so if you're ever in my neighborhood, stop by for whatever form of caffeine strikes your fancy-I will be MORE THAN happy to make it for you with my new Keurig B60!

Check out their website: www.keurig.com


NOT a Cinderella Story-aka Kids Say the Darndest Things!

As I was tucking my 8 year old daughter into bed tonight , I was thinking about how she will be singing in front of 500 people in less than 12 hours. She, on the other hand, had much bigger issues on her mind.

Meg: Mom? Did you know that Britney Spears' sister is pregnant?

Me: Yes, I heard.

Meg: Isn't she a teenager? And she's not married! That's unusual.

Me: Yes it is. (Such wisdom from Mom!!)

Meg: What's happening to that family? First Britney gets divorced, then she shaved her head, now her little sister is pregnant!

Note to self: I think I need to hide my National Enquirers a little better!

Real Housewives Recap-December 18th

I'll have to make my "Real Housewives of Orange County" recap short and sweet. I have some "Real Housewife of Monmouth County" stuff to take care of! (My daughter was selected to sing a solo in tomorrow's Christmas Concert at school. I have hair and wardrobe details to fine tune. Hey-it's my blog and I can brag if I want to!)

Here goes:

Lauri-she has really distanced herself from the other Housewives. That whole thing with her daughter working as bat girl for the U.S. Women's softball team. BORING!!! Who cares.

Jeana, Tammy, Tamra and Vicki: Road trip to San Diego-The whooping and hollering at the bar got a little old. And all the kissing each other on the lips-whoa!!! No comment.

It was strange seeing the gals the next morning-hung over and reflective. It made them a little more human. In the harsh light of morning they looked a little less plastic. The whole Vicki thing with Frankie was nuts. Her place was a shambles-she had nerve charging so much rent!

P.S. Did you know that Jeana was Tom Selleck's girlfriend way back when? And that she lived with him in Hawaii while he was taping Magnum P.I.?

Good for Tamra that her real estate career is taking off. She might want to tone down hanging all over her male clients in front of their wives...a sure way to lose a commission. (Right Clemson Girl???) Maybe Jeana has some competition!

How could I forget Quinn and the O.C. Angels?

Those O.C. Angels are basically being pimped out by those "business executives." It was gross watching them ogle those young girls at the bikini store. Really foul. I don't blame Ashley for keeping her clothes on at the promotion event!!

Quinn and Billy. Hmmm. In the first episode I thought he was more into her. I was wrong. She is coming on way too strong. And yes ladies, she has cleavage as long as the Mississippi River-ewww. She does have a good golf swing though! My husband was impressed. (By her and the O.C. Angels!)

Next week is Christmas-so we'll have to wait a while for our favorite middle aged Barbie dolls to resume their nutty antics!

I can't believe my eyes!!

Bravo has the BEST shows! Yesterday afternoon I was finishing my Christmas cards (and eating Bon Bons) and I found this show. This guy, Jeff Lewis, is the most obnoxious a-hole I've ever seen! Here's a little snippet from the Bravo TV website:

Flipping Out follows the antics of one of Los Angeles' most colorful real estate speculators, Jeff Lewis. It takes a special kind of personality to handle flipping six multimillion-dollar houses at one time, but Lewis, an obsessive compulsive successful businessman, pulls it off and turns a six-figure profit on every property.

Lewis makes his living with the help of a group of diverse and oft disgruntled employees he counts as friends. These include an assistant who moonlights doing voice over work, a housekeeper and two house assistants, as well as his official "trash man," who moonlights as an actor and his assistant's husband. Add to the mix his business partner and former boyfriend, his various therapists and spiritual advisers and it's clear that this intriguing cast of characters lives as one big dysfunctional family.

The show is in repeats now-which on Bravo means you can pretty much catch it anytime!

I watched Housewives last night-but I can't do my recap until later. As usual, there is PLENTY to comment on! (Here's a preview: Dirty old men, cat fights and lots of drunken debauchery!) Stay tuned.


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New Jersey-Only the Strong Survive

My last post was so full of peace and harmony. This one is full of frustration and stress. Why? Three words..Christmas in Jersey!

Today I experienced the reason the rest of the country makes fun of my fine state. My husband and I set out for our local Target armed with optimism and two adorable little letters to Santa.

What we experienced was enough for me to pay $500 for overnight shipping to get the rest of our gifts.

It's amazing what crowds, under staffing and a deadline will do to people. "Peace on Earth-Good Will to Men?" F-that!!! It's all about little Vinnie getting his Playstation and DON'T mess with little Vinnie (or his mom). Trust me, they will knock you on your ass if you even look at them the wrong way.

I was standing in the electronics section patiently (at least outwardly) waiting for someone to unlock a camera for me. They have a little button you can press for assistance. I had already pressed the button and a very harried "Target Team Member" assured me he would be right with me. Not thirty seconds later, little Vinnie (sucking on a Slushee and chowing on a soft pretzel) and his tough cookie mom came up next to me. He proceeded to hit the button-TWICE. A red light flashed and the speaker loudly proclaimed, "A TARGET TEAM MEMBER WILL ASSIST YOU IN LESS THAN SIXTY SECONDS!!!"

Harried "Team Member" gave me the evil eye and told me "I SAID I'd be right with you!" I assured him that it was not me who hit the button. As he turned away little Vinnie hit the button AGAIN!!! The Target dude runs over to me to tell me to wait and once again I proclaimed my innocence! Finally a woman comes out to wait on Vinnie and his mom. Now I start getting the Jersey 'tude! That little devil child was NOT going jump ahead of me no matter how many times he banged on the button!

At this point I was seriously ready to bang my head against the glass case protecting all the Nintendo DS games. I mustered all my composure and informed the Target lady that I was the first person to hit the button so it was "MY FRICKIN' TURN!" (I put it much more politely than that, but trust me, I was ready to go postal.) Vinnie gave me a look that still makes my blood run cold. I half expected him to jump me in the parking lot and whack me with a tire iron.

We made it out alive and high tailed it home to our nice little house safe from Vinnie, his mom, and the frenzied shoppers of Jersey.

Tomorrow, the mall. I'll bring my tire iron.


Searching for Sea Glass

This morning, after I dropped my daughters off at school I decided to take a walk on the beach. A friend of mine collects sea glass, so I thought I'd try to find some for her.

As I walked along, searching for that elusive piece of colorful glass I found so many other wonderful things. I saw dogs running along the shore and solitary fisherman casting out their lines. I found perfect shells in all sorts of colors and stones that look like little jewels.

I thought about how my search for the sea glass is sort of a metaphor for my life. When I was young I had pretty big dreams. I pictured myself working for Saturday Night Live or David Letterman. As I worked in New York and pursued my grandiose goals, (which about a million other people aspired to) other opportunities and experiences came my way. I met so many talented people and had lots of good and bad times.

Did I ever get a job working for Letterman? I think you know the answer. But I did end up in a great place, blessed with so many treasures worth far more than I ever dreamed.

I never did find the sea glass I went searching for. But I did have a peaceful walk on the beach and I brought home some beautiful shells for my daughters.

The next time I go I'll bring them with me, so we can walk along the shore and look for sea glass together.

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

-John Lennon


Robbing the Cradle-Real Housewives Recap-December 11th

This week's episode was a little more exciting than the last. The main reason...the newest Housewife, Quinn!

Quinn is twice divorced, single and hates to be alone, which becomes obvious very quickly.

She is the most natural looking of all the housewives. It appears that she has not been Botoxed or had implants. (Although she does flaunt her assets!) She is a cute lady, but there is no way she can pass for thirty as she seems to think!

Her whole "Christian thing" seems like shtick to me. They show her reading the bible and then sitting on a date getting drunk with a 26 year old man who is trying to figure out whether or not she's wearing panties. The night before they show her on a date with a man closer to her age, getting drunk once again, hanging all over him and talking about their great times in the hot tub.

The scene where she meets the Housewives for the first time was so awkward! They were super catty to her. It almost seems like they were coached to pick on her. MEOW!

Lauri is harsh. It's as though someone injected Botox into her soul. When her daughter Ashley asked if she could be Maid of Honor at her wedding, she was so COLD!!! I would be touched that my only daughter would like to stand at my side at my THIRD WEDDING. Maybe she was feeling emotion, but her face is so paralyzed she just couldn't show it.

I enjoyed watching Jeana and Colton's trip to Vancouver. It must be exciting for Colton to see his big brother play minor league baseball. And what a thrill for him to workout with team. It was cute to see them spend time as a family with no fights! (Except, of course when Jeana was eating her Chipwich and Colton tried to stop her!!)

How about Vicki's son Michael doing his insurance internship? I think he's in for a rude awakening about earning a living. (Pretty normal for a kid his age!) He sees mom earning the big bucks and thinks it's easy to do. He must have said fifty times, "I want a yacht." So do I buddy, but you've got to bust some serious hump to afford even the gas to run one of those babies.

Oh and one more thing...Seattle looks so gorgeous. That looks like my kind of city. I definitely want to plan a trip there!

Tamra's son Ryan is going through the same growing pains working for Simon at the Mercedes dealership. I remember those days, thinking I was so smart and getting stuck in an entry level job doing grunt work. I hope he'll stick it out. But I doubt he will.

It looks like next week they are going to get the ladies liquored up yet again and let them go at it. In the previews it looks like Vicki and Jeana had there claws out. It should be ugly and I'll be tuned in to watch all the mayhem!


Do you think their mom was blogging???

A friend of mine sent to this to me...I swear sometimes when I'm on the computer I half expect to find something like this when I go downstairs!

Kinda makes you think!

Saturday night as we were decorating the tree my 8 year old daughter commented, "The Chinese are so talented!"

It came out of left field, so I asked why she said it. "Well, it seems EVERYTHING is MADE IN CHINA!"

That innocent little statement opened a whole can of worms for me. As you know, I'm a gal who loves her trips to Target. My daughters' have little pink "Made in China" Christmas trees in their room from Wal-Mart. Our house is filled with toys, clothing and housewares which were all manufactured by people working for slave wages.

I remember a friend of mine traveled to China and told me about the teenage girls who put the hair in Barbie Dolls' heads for pennies an hour!

I got on the computer and of course there is a ton of information on the subject.

One movie, Mardis Gras: Made in China has won rave reviews for it's peek into the world of Chinese laborers"

"Mardi Gras: Made in China," looks at the conditions in a factory in the Chinese city of Fuzhou where young workers, mostly women, are paid $1.20 a day to work 14-to-20-hour shifts in enforced silence making the beads showered onto revelers in New Orleans in exchange for baring their breasts at Mardi Gras. The Chinese factory owner, who sees himself as a good guy and model manager, boasts of the punishments he exacts in wages from the workers toiling in sweatshop conditions when they don't meet their quotas. In a nifty turnabout, the filmmaker asks the revelers if they know where the beads come from. They don't, of course, and even when told, few seem to care.

Along with the whole lead paint scare there are a myriad of political reasons why many people are boycotting products "Made in China."

If you are interested here are a some articles highlighting this important issue!

The Seattle Times: "Mom's Web site lists toys not made in China"

The Christian Science Monitor:"A year without 'Made in China'"

I don't mean to be a bummer, but at his time of year I think it's important to think about how lucky we are. As the Christian Science Monitor article points out-it's pretty hard to avoid items made under the horrible conditions in China, but if we all try to cut down, maybe in some small way we can help these people.

FOOTNOTE: I think my 8 year old is getting REALLY suspicious about Santa. This afternoon she said, "What if I get toys from Santa that say "MADE IN CHINA?" That means they weren't made by elves." She paused, "unless they're Chinese elves!"


Things I've Been Lovin'!

The Cranberry Reed Diffuser From The Body Shop. I bought this a few weeks ago and so many people comment on how good my house smells.

It's on sale for $18.00!

McDonald's Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Three for a dollar and soooo delicious with a
big ol' fountain Diet Coke!

Ooh La Lift:
"It's an instant eyelift. De-puff and firm the eye area with tightening botanicals and light-reflecting pigments. You can use it throughout the day over your makeup. Who doesn't need this?"

I keep this in my car when it starts to get chilly (works better for puffiness when it's cold) and use it when I start to look tired.

(Which is pretty much all the time!)

I get mine at Macy's, but it's available at Sephora and lots of other stores!

Please share-what stuff are you lovin'?


Hitting the wall (at 120 mph!)

Today I hit the proverbial wall. I felt it coming yesterday. Every year we drive two hours to Pennsylvania to cut down our Christmas tree. I closed my eyes for "a few minutes" in the car, and two hours later my husband and kids woke me up, because we had arrived at the tree farm!
I felt completely refreshed and we proceeded to have a wonderful day...cutting down the tree, and going to lunch at "Hot Dog Johnnie's" in Buttzville (the kids always love that!). We then took the girls' Christmas photo and trimmed the tree.

A portrait of a slacker and her offspring..

My wave of exhaustion hit me again at 9:30 as I put the kids to bed. (late as usual). I fell sound asleep in my four year old daughter's bed, my husband attempted to wake me and I felt incapable of even getting up walking the distance to my room and getting in my pajamas.

Cut to this morning....my husband went to the Eagles Giants football game in Philadelphia-so I'm alone with the kids today. What did I do this morning? I laid on the couch in my pjs watching "Flushed Away" drinking Diet Coke and eating chips. I even had the girls wait on me and bring me my soda and snacks.

I feel like such a slacker, but hey-teenagers do it...kids do it...why can't adults veg out every once in awhile? I felt like an overtired, cranky kid and I needed to just sit and have my own way without everybody asking me for stuff. This was my last chance until who knows when to do it-SO I DID!!!

I'll consider it my little Christmas gift to myself. The gift that keeps on giving, because you know what they say..."If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"


Tattoos and Turmoil: Real Housewives Recap-December 4th

Not one of the better episodes-but there were some highlights...

I'll start with Vicki. As usual she cracked me up! She is so fiercely protective...the scene where she tries to hang pepper spray next to Briana' front door was classic. I love the way they edited Briana's voice over about saving her virginity to coincide with she and her boyfriend mounting each other in karate class.

She seems like a really together girl-very mature for her age. Her brother Michael is another story! Lucky for him his mom has connections! I can't wait to see how he does at insurance training in Seattle-that should make for interesting viewing.

Kara's audition for the movie was certainly ho-hum. Not exactly suspenseful-although it is interesting that the casting folks felt she wasn't thin enough for the part. No wonder so many girls have eating disorders!

Lauri, George and Sophie were completely boring also! She's in la la land. ZZZZZZZZ We need some scenes with Josh and George's ex-THAT I'd love to see!

Tamra's son Ryan's new tattoo is NASTY! I'm a little old for the whole tattoo craze, but I've seen some cute tattoos. He has gone completely overboard!!! I don't blame Simon and Tamra for getting upset. I've never seen the soft side of Simon-I felt for him when he spoke about all Tamra has done for her son and how hard it is on them that he is has no direction or work ethic. I'll take that as a warning as a parent!

And now for the good part...Tammy's daughter Megan's 21st birthday cruise. Once again Megan got to humiliate herself on national television. I can't imagine too many things worse than getting sloppy drunk and belligerent for the world to see...and right after she lost her Dad.

Complete exploitation! I guess I can't be too judgemental since I'm guilty of watching the show. That poor girl is so lost and confused and the death of her father has make things so much worse! I don't blame Tammy's boyfriend for kicking them all off the yacht. I'm amazed no one fell into the water and drowned.

The show has shifted quite a bit to the O.C. Kids instead of the Housewives. I hope the focus goes back to the ladies. It looks like next week there will be a new "Housewife." I think her name is Quinn and she describes herself as a "Cougar." (You know how I love that term!) She should spice things up a bit in the O.C.

The show could use it!


We interrupt this blog for Holiday Hoopla!!!

Tonight...The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular!!

Tomorrow night-I'll be makin' some moola sellin' my STUFF!

I can't wait to watch "The Real Housewives" but my recap will have to wait until Friday!


Oy Christmas Tree!

Tickled Pink and Green (who of course loves all things pink) posted a photo of a pink Christmas tree on her blog. The one she found was from Wal-Mart. After some deliberation we (her blogging buddies) decided that a little pink tree might be cute in the corner of a little girl's room. Well my mom jumped right on it. She purchased two little pink trees in Florida and shipped them up to Jersey. My daughters were delighted. My husband, HORRIFIED. He's a pretty traditional guy from Vermont and a fake pink tree is enough to send him over the edge.

Luckily he managed to hide his disgust from my daughters. I set the trees up in their rooms and they decorated them with jewelry, Littlest Pet Shop figures, My Little Ponies and Barbies.

These trees will never make the pages of Town and Country, but they are adorable. When my husband saw what they did it melted his heart. Even he appreciated the joy these little pink trees brought to his girls.

Today I noticed the latest issue of Blueprint Magazine. What is on the cover? You guessed it-a pink Christmas tree! Not the Wal-Mart one, but a good looking tree nonetheless.

You know what they say...

"Tacky is the new tasteful!"

We're such trendsetters!!!

"Good taste--What a dreadful thing!
Taste is the enemy of creativeness."

-Pablo Picasso


It's da bomb!

Did you ever notice that some posts are complete duds? You write something you think is somewhat clever or interesting, maybe add a few pictures or links. Then you hit the "publish" button and wait.

Days go by, sometimes weeks...NO COMMENTS.

It soon becomes crystal clear that the funny little post you thought was so darn good has gone over like a lead balloon.

I guess I'll just have to work harder. :)

A Banner Moment

This morning a miracle occurred.

I experienced a moment I will never forget. I laid out an outfit for my four year old daughter. She walked in her room, looked at it and said "pretty!" She then proceeded to put the outfit on without hesitation.

Are you disappointed? Were you expecting me to say I won the Lottery or found a cure for the common cold? Sorry-that stuff might be miraculous to you, but this moment was completely rapturous for me...and I'm smart enough to never expect it to happen again.

Completely hilarious wedding dance!

There is something funky going on with my computer...just double click on the blank space below to see this adorable couple! (Let me know if it works!)


Someone's on the naughty list!

Is nothing sacred???

Store Selling Controversial Santa Claus T-Shirts

A popular clothing store among teens is selling a line of controversial holiday t-shirts including one with a not-so-jolly message from Santa.

The t-shirt says "Santa Claus Hates You" as Santa is seen making an obscene gesture.

The Urban Outfitters at Arden Fair Mall doesn't have the shirts in stores yet, but you can find them online.

The store is no stanger to controversy.

Urban outfitters also sold gun Christmas ornaments last year.

And a few years ago the retail chain was criticized for selling a board game called "Ghetto-opoly."


Ugly is the new cute!

Have you seen the Ugly Dolls yet? These little suckers are really high on my daughters' Christmas list. They especially like the cute critter on the left. His name is Peaco. They also like Ox (see below) and Ugly Dog .

Ugly Dolls are adorable little pieces of art and they've won lots of awards. My girls might not get the puppy they want-but there WILL be Ugly Dolls under our tree this year!

Ugly dog

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