Two thumbs WAY up!

Brad and I just saw "Juno." LOVED IT! It had an amazing cast. Ellen Page, who plays the title character is adorable and hilarious. Michael Cera, who plays her baby's father has a much smaller role, but he is perfectly cast and adds so much to the film with a few lines.

I also liked the fact that this is a movie about teenagers that doesn't portray adults as idiots.

I've posted the trailer below.

Have you seen it? If so, what did you think?

Oh, and by the way...Diablo Cody, who wrote "Juno" has her own blog, here's the link: diablocody.blogspot.com-she's a very funny lady.

My favorite line from the movie...
Vanessa: "Aren't your parents worried about where you are?"
Juno: "I'm already pregnant, what other
shenanigans can I get into?"


Avery Gray said...

Hey, I did movie reviews today, too! Great minds...

I've seen the previews for Juno, and it looked good. With your glowing review, I just might have to catch me that flick. Thanks for the recommendation!

barb said...

I've been dying to see this since I first heard about it. I may have to grab a get out of jail free card and leave the kids with husband for a sunday movie by myself tomorrow! Thanks for the review!

Candace said...

ok, the above comment is really from me, candace but I was signed in as my mom. But she probably would have commented anyway since I think she'd love your blog. I am going to forward it to her. I hope this comment goes through. This is my 2nd and final try. I hear the kids and husband at the door and I might get caught blogging!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the comment on my little bloggy blog, and for the link to the Juno writer's blog. I'm gonna head on over there and gush about my love for her flick, so super nerdy of me.
Nice digs ya got here. I'll be back.
Peace out!

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