A Banner Moment

This morning a miracle occurred.

I experienced a moment I will never forget. I laid out an outfit for my four year old daughter. She walked in her room, looked at it and said "pretty!" She then proceeded to put the outfit on without hesitation.

Are you disappointed? Were you expecting me to say I won the Lottery or found a cure for the common cold? Sorry-that stuff might be miraculous to you, but this moment was completely rapturous for me...and I'm smart enough to never expect it to happen again.


suburban prep said...

My four yr old niece and three yr old niece apparently know their fashion sense as well. That is according to their parents.

A Buns life said...

OMG! That is monumental! If you realize that is is NOT a fluke and something that you actually have control over, you must share....I no longer buy anything without prior approval and that still doesn't guarantee that she will still like it when it comes time to wearing a certain outfit. My son actually wore my daughter's new holiday pj's last night in an effort to use the 'ole reverse psychology to get her to wear them. I'll be posting about it. :)

Tara R. said...

Wow! I am impressed. Savor the moment as long as you can.

boopsie said...

OMG what outfit was it buy 10 more of the same do not change the color so the kid wears the same outfit every day u know it's clean it's the "Catherine Uniform"

Oh fellow Bloggers who always respond to Jill please humor her "ole Mom" check my Blog www.nannerx10@blogspot.com. I am pretty boring according to Jill but maybe some responses will stir up my suppressed or depressed creative juices.

Avery Gray said...

I'm so happy for you!

BOOPSIE said...

I discovered a New Blog it's really good reading if you have trouble getting to sleep. www.nannerx10.blogspot.com I realized I gave the wrong address on last comment. That must be the reason no one has visited :)

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