Tattoos and Turmoil: Real Housewives Recap-December 4th

Not one of the better episodes-but there were some highlights...

I'll start with Vicki. As usual she cracked me up! She is so fiercely protective...the scene where she tries to hang pepper spray next to Briana' front door was classic. I love the way they edited Briana's voice over about saving her virginity to coincide with she and her boyfriend mounting each other in karate class.

She seems like a really together girl-very mature for her age. Her brother Michael is another story! Lucky for him his mom has connections! I can't wait to see how he does at insurance training in Seattle-that should make for interesting viewing.

Kara's audition for the movie was certainly ho-hum. Not exactly suspenseful-although it is interesting that the casting folks felt she wasn't thin enough for the part. No wonder so many girls have eating disorders!

Lauri, George and Sophie were completely boring also! She's in la la land. ZZZZZZZZ We need some scenes with Josh and George's ex-THAT I'd love to see!

Tamra's son Ryan's new tattoo is NASTY! I'm a little old for the whole tattoo craze, but I've seen some cute tattoos. He has gone completely overboard!!! I don't blame Simon and Tamra for getting upset. I've never seen the soft side of Simon-I felt for him when he spoke about all Tamra has done for her son and how hard it is on them that he is has no direction or work ethic. I'll take that as a warning as a parent!

And now for the good part...Tammy's daughter Megan's 21st birthday cruise. Once again Megan got to humiliate herself on national television. I can't imagine too many things worse than getting sloppy drunk and belligerent for the world to see...and right after she lost her Dad.

Complete exploitation! I guess I can't be too judgemental since I'm guilty of watching the show. That poor girl is so lost and confused and the death of her father has make things so much worse! I don't blame Tammy's boyfriend for kicking them all off the yacht. I'm amazed no one fell into the water and drowned.

The show has shifted quite a bit to the O.C. Kids instead of the Housewives. I hope the focus goes back to the ladies. It looks like next week there will be a new "Housewife." I think her name is Quinn and she describes herself as a "Cougar." (You know how I love that term!) She should spice things up a bit in the O.C.

The show could use it!


Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Ack. Skipping right to the bottom to comment! I haven't watched this episode yet...it's on my DVR. This show is totally my guilty pleasure.

Anonymous said...

i love love love that you did this re-cap because i was able to catch up! i missed it this week - thank you!!

linda said...

It really was a mish-mash this week, wasn't it- and the focus on the kids was really scary in that there doesn't seem to be any emphasis on education at all there...Kara ( the most level headed )seemed to be ready to put college on hold if acting worked out and Vicki's daughter, Brianna( the most focused) is in nursing school. Where I live, all the kids are already "jockeying" for getting into college by racking up volunteer opportunities, sports and other extra curriculars (and that's only 7th grade). I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just very different from NY. Still, I love this show...and the other train wreck, 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'.

Kelly Malloy said...

"We need some scenes with Josh and George's ex-THAT I'd love to see!"

Me too!

Avery Gray said...

I don't watch the show, but I think I might have to rent it when it comes out on DVD. Is the first season out yet?

suchsimplepleasures said...

i've never watched the show...i don't really get to watch my own shows...during the day, cartoons...night time..ufc! ugh!
so, that's why i blog so much at night...it's my form of entertainment!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the recap! I missed it this week. It does appear that they're focusing way too much on the kids and not the moms.
Not thin enough? UGH.

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