Blogging Idol

I've been at this blogging thing for about 4 months now. I can't remember the first blog I ever read but I DO know that I lurked on Melissa C. Morris's blog as well as on Suburban Cupcake for about a year.

My sister-in-law told me that she was considering starting one so I thought-what the heck? Little did I know the all consuming power of the blog!!! Who are my Blogging Idols? Read my blogroll and you'll get a peek into some of the ladies who I dig. It's scary how many talented and interesting blogs there are! Unfortunately there aren't enough hours in a day to check them all out. (Unless I give up sleeping-which is absolutely NOT going to happen-I do love my sleep ever so much!)

How about you gals (and guys-any dudes out there?) Who are your Blog Idols-and how did you get involved in this highly addictive little pastime?

I love hearing from all 70 of you folks who read my blog each day (Sitemeter at work!) So don't be shy, and I promise not to be offended if I'm not your Blog Idol!!!


Momo Fali said...

Digging you right back sister! I love it here.

Ned said...

I read each day and often comment but still not on your blog list...sniff, sniff!

A Buns Life said...

The whole reason I even started reading blogs at all is because of mamalogues. From there I became a longtime lurker of midwesternmommy and slackermommy (who actually live about 5 minutes from me and now our kids play together!)and felt weird "knowing" them so well and felt so connected to them that I hated commenting when I had nothing to offer back. Plus, I wanted to document my kids daily lives better so here we are! :)

suchsimplepleasures said...

first off...i'm tagging you, before i forget...so...tag...bwahahahaha!
second...i love all the blogs i read. yours included! i got into this sick obsession, the end of september. it's because of my sisters sister-in-law...she told me about blogs...and, i decided that i was going to try it. and...i became addicted, after the first try!
but, i lurk on most of my blogroll blogs...hi...i'm a lurker ;)

a. said...

I started reading blogs about 3 years ago and afte the first year I got my own. I don't think I have any blog idols since they are all either exactly the same in content or completely opposite. I love finding new blogs (like yours!) of fun people that I look forward to reading. Some blogs get really stale after a while. Your in the clear.

The blogroll is a constant debate. I hate to offend anyone so I don't have one. Someone always wants to know "why didn't you include me?" or worse if you get dropped from someone's blogroll you're like "hey, what did I do?" - I have enough complexes in real life! But like I said, it's a individual choice and it's your blog so you should do what you want!

The 5 Bickies said...

You are one of my daily reads...it's always fun to stop in and read what is going on at Caffeine Court.

I "found" blogs through a random google search this past summer. I think it was monogram something or other but am not sure. I found the 'Happy Homemaker' and I was hooked from there.

I blog because it's a great way to chronicle our life and the little things the kids do. I can't stay on top of the scrapbook and do a much better job of staying on top of the blog.

As well, I have fun taking the every day and turning it in to a blog entry. Keeps my mind active when I am feel less than productive.

Have a great day Caffeine Court and keep blogging!

boopsie said...

nannerx10.blogspot.com is captivating

Avery Gray said...

Of course, you're my blog idol! How could you think any differently? ;o)

But don't look for my blogroll just yet. I changed the layout of my blog and haven't put the linkies back up. I'm on the fence about it.

WSU Laura said...

I started off on the author of Suburban Cupcake too when she was Preppy Cafe and then went from there. I have a whole list of my favorite blogs (of course you are on there) on my blog. Just recently have started commenting after months of lurking.

Southern Fried Girl said...

I don't read blogs nearly as often as I used to but I do sometimes and yours is one of them, so hi. :)

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