Ugly is the new cute!

Have you seen the Ugly Dolls yet? These little suckers are really high on my daughters' Christmas list. They especially like the cute critter on the left. His name is Peaco. They also like Ox (see below) and Ugly Dog .

Ugly Dolls are adorable little pieces of art and they've won lots of awards. My girls might not get the puppy they want-but there WILL be Ugly Dolls under our tree this year!

Ugly dog


Tickled Pink & Green said...

My daughter got Peaco (or however you spell it) this past summer while in L.A. It's a long story, but I'll shorten it. While on vacation my oldest's favorite little pink pillow went missing from our hotel room. We think it got mixed up in the bed linens as they rolled up the sheets to take for cleaning. Anyway, the hotel felt bad so they told her she could choose anything out of the hotel gift shop. That's how she got the ugly doll. She sleeps with him/her/? every night!

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