I'm having a mid-life beauty crisis!

Maybe I should try "Facercise!"

In my eternal quest to look younger and foxier I went to Ulta to try the Bare Escentuals mineral makeup that everyone RAVES about. The salesgirl tried it on me and I was underwhelmed. Kind of like when you cut a picture of Jennifer Aniston out of a magazine and tell your hairdresser, "I want to look like THAT" and then secretly feel disappointed when your haircut doesn't transform you into Rachel from "Friends." (Or Posh Spice, Meg Ryan (pre-lip job), or any other celeb who has the hot hair of the week!)

Okay, back to my face...after she carefully applied the makeup I really made her feel awkward. I stared at myself like a sullen teenager with a zit and said. "Nothing's gonna work. I'm just OLD." (Pathetic, I know!) "Well," she said..."have you tried an eye cream?" "I sure have" I replied,..."Dermalogica, Elizabeth Arden, Clinique, Hylexin"...I continued to ramble on the names of every cream I've blown my kids' college fund on..."I think I'm going to try Botox." She looked panicked..."DON'T DO THAT!!!" I loved the attention I was getting.

Anyway...I got my sh--t together and we found some lovely lipstick and eyeshadow and called it a day.

Help me out here ladies. I do have dark circles and I have tried lots of stuff. What do you use? Any makeup tricks? Also, my skin under my eyes is getting "crepey." What is a 42 year old Irish/German former sun worshipper to do?!

It's 1 AM-I guess a little beauty sleep couldn't hurt!!!

There are some things you can't cover up
with lipstick and powder
Thought I heard you mention my name
can't you talk any louder?

Don't come any closer
Don't come any nearer
My vision of you can't come any clearer
Oh I just wanna hear Girls Talk

From Girls Talk by Dave Edmunds (LOVE THAT SONG!!)


Feener said...

oh the bags under my eyes, nothing seems to help. i am interested in the comments that will come.

The 5 Bickies said...

When I look in the mirrow without my glasses or contacts I look younger...try it!

Really I have no advice. From one 42 year old to another embrace it. Ok, another thought, have you tried Kiehl's products. I like some of their moisturizing products, especially in the dry and pale winter.

You must tell me if you find something wonderful!

suchsimplepleasures said...

i've been having the same issues! dark circles, crepe-ish skin around my eyes! yuck! i'm going to try this stuff by a brand called joey. i tried their instant face lift stuff, made with eggs and honey...it's cool! it kinda works, instantly. not permanently, though. my friend just had botox...she said it feels like crazy glue under her skin that she can't get rid of. but...what a frigging difference, it made! but, my forehead isn't the issue...it's my smile lines and my eyes! i'm only 39...almost! oy vey!

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

I am early 30's and have horrible dark circles. I can't wait to read comments on this.

kittyhox said...

I am 30 and considering Botox for my yucky between-the-eye forehead wrinkle. Hate it. My skin has changed so much in the last two or three years. It's alarming.

I use a "highlighter" for under eye circles, rather than a concealer.

My thought would be to go to your nearest Nordstrom and pick out the cosmetics counter woman who is at least 35 or 40 and who looks lovely and fabulous. I'm thinking someone who is dealing with the same issues and around products all day (her line of products and other counters') would have some tips for purchases and application techniques?

Best of luck to you!

Avery Gray said...

Okay, first of all, Bare Escentuals is the bomb! And I'm not at all surprised that you were underwhelmed by the way the girl put it on. She probably didn't use enough. It's not like you have to cake the stuff on, but you do have to use about twice what they tell you to use. But it's as light as a feather once it's on, and it doesn't clog your pores. It doesn't feel greasy either. It's so smooth!

Um, can you tell I love the stuff?

Anywho, the best thing I have found to remedy the dark circles under the eyes is a combination of MAC concealor (best in the world!) and a pink (slightly lighter than flesh toned) Bare Escentuals eyeshadow with just a hint of iridescence applied from the corner of the eye to about halfway under. It brightens my eyes right up. And the beauty of it is it won't settle into the little laugh lines.

Good luck finding what works for you!

traci anne said...

I'm 23 and I have crazy dark circles, from genetics and not enough sleep. I actually totally love Bare Escentuals, because when I use it as foundation and concealer, that's ALL I need! I can't use it when I'm not self-tanning though, because I don't have the lightest shade just yet. Regardless, I do love it, and it makes my skin all glowy and wonderful.

The eye stuff I LOVE is Mary Kay's Eye Revitalizer. It feels nice and cool going on, and it instantly depuffs and tightens! My mama uses it too and loves it! We both also like Bobbi Brown's ultra moisturizing tinted moisturizer, the one that comes in a pot. She has drier skin than I do and she adores it!

Another suggestion is the Mary Kay highlighting pen under your concealer... it's FABULOUS. SERIOUSLY. I use it when I'm not using my BE foundation. I agree about the amount you have to use - don't cake it on, but I do three VERY sheer layers or two sheer with the full coverage brush, and it looks amazing. But if you use too little, it really doesn't look that different. I also like it because it seriously doesn't look cakey.

Also, I? Am a beauty whore. -and scene.-

Nissa said...

I think most people have that reaction with Bare minerals the 1st time. I remember buying the kit after feeling all postpartum blah-I totally need a makeover.. Only to put it on, & it didn't look like any improvement. You definitely have to use more- several coats before it looks really good.

For dark circles I use a white highlighter powder and a silver eye pencil on the inside corners of my eyes. It helps.
My major problem is bags under my eyes. I've always had them, but they are getting worse with age. How I wish I could find a product to help..

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