Things I've Been Lovin'!

The Cranberry Reed Diffuser From The Body Shop. I bought this a few weeks ago and so many people comment on how good my house smells.

It's on sale for $18.00!

McDonald's Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Three for a dollar and soooo delicious with a
big ol' fountain Diet Coke!

Ooh La Lift:
"It's an instant eyelift. De-puff and firm the eye area with tightening botanicals and light-reflecting pigments. You can use it throughout the day over your makeup. Who doesn't need this?"

I keep this in my car when it starts to get chilly (works better for puffiness when it's cold) and use it when I start to look tired.

(Which is pretty much all the time!)

I get mine at Macy's, but it's available at Sephora and lots of other stores!

Please share-what stuff are you lovin'?


The 5 Bickies said...

I am loving Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe Joe's waaaaay toooo much. They are TJ's version of an oreo with Candy Cane Cream filling...YUMMMMMMMY! Only available at Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Did you also know that McD's sells cakes through the drive thru? Seriously, they have them for bday parties and they are $6...deliciousness!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Franz Gold Bites with Almonds. Can't stop.

And my usual triple, non-fat, no-whip mocha.

And my new pink Tory Burch flats.

Donna said...

L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream. I must go through two tubes of the stuff every winter.

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. I've been catching up on your posts - love the daughter's pink tree!

I've been loving my Circle E Candle (they're made in Fredericksburg, TX) in Apple Strudel. We've had a lot of company lately (as you can imagine) and we're a sad bunch, but at least my house smells terrific!

suchsimplepleasures said...

oil of olay products...especially the nighttime one...i, seriously, look like i had a mini face lift, in the morning! i have some fine lines and...this stuff makes them disappear...if only for a moment. also, lift fusion and lip fusion...i bought them at ulta but...i think you can get them a sephora or dept. stores.
and...i've been eating these cookies that i baked...i can't stop...they.are.so.freaking.good!

hello darling (formerly hello sunshine!) said...

OMG. I ALWAYS steal my mom's Ooh La Lift when I'm at home in Dallas. Right now, I'm lovin' fat-free half and half (weird obsession? Not when you love creamy coffee but not, um, gaining weight). So fabulous.

Mom on the Run said...

I usually hate the smells at Bath and Bodyworks, but the new Velvet Tuberose lotion is yummy.

Alexis Black said...

I am loving my friend's peppermint, mocha hot chocolate concoction! I stopped by for one yesterday. It is amazing. She puts a candy cane at the bottom, half coffee (from her Keurig coffee maker - I WILL have one under my tree!) and half Giradelli chocolate. Then she hits is with a plentiful amount of whipped cream and some peppermint shavings and chocolate sauce on top! Are you kidding me? I've been thinking about this hot chocolate since I stopped by her house yesterday. Simple pleasures, I guess. Probably the only thing that would've made it better was a little Bailey's but it was only 11 a.m.

a. said...

What is it about NJ people and fountain sodas? Everyone is obsessed! I found this hilariously funny when my roommate from college (also from NJ - Avalon to be exact) had to have one after a hard night of drinking. She insists the carbonation is the cure for her hangovers.

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