Real Housewives Recap-December 18th

I'll have to make my "Real Housewives of Orange County" recap short and sweet. I have some "Real Housewife of Monmouth County" stuff to take care of! (My daughter was selected to sing a solo in tomorrow's Christmas Concert at school. I have hair and wardrobe details to fine tune. Hey-it's my blog and I can brag if I want to!)

Here goes:

Lauri-she has really distanced herself from the other Housewives. That whole thing with her daughter working as bat girl for the U.S. Women's softball team. BORING!!! Who cares.

Jeana, Tammy, Tamra and Vicki: Road trip to San Diego-The whooping and hollering at the bar got a little old. And all the kissing each other on the lips-whoa!!! No comment.

It was strange seeing the gals the next morning-hung over and reflective. It made them a little more human. In the harsh light of morning they looked a little less plastic. The whole Vicki thing with Frankie was nuts. Her place was a shambles-she had nerve charging so much rent!

P.S. Did you know that Jeana was Tom Selleck's girlfriend way back when? And that she lived with him in Hawaii while he was taping Magnum P.I.?

Good for Tamra that her real estate career is taking off. She might want to tone down hanging all over her male clients in front of their wives...a sure way to lose a commission. (Right Clemson Girl???) Maybe Jeana has some competition!

How could I forget Quinn and the O.C. Angels?

Those O.C. Angels are basically being pimped out by those "business executives." It was gross watching them ogle those young girls at the bikini store. Really foul. I don't blame Ashley for keeping her clothes on at the promotion event!!

Quinn and Billy. Hmmm. In the first episode I thought he was more into her. I was wrong. She is coming on way too strong. And yes ladies, she has cleavage as long as the Mississippi River-ewww. She does have a good golf swing though! My husband was impressed. (By her and the O.C. Angels!)

Next week is Christmas-so we'll have to wait a while for our favorite middle aged Barbie dolls to resume their nutty antics!


Alexis Black said...

No comment to this....but I wanted to let you know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that holiday card picture of the girls! Can you have Brad put it on Flickr so I can order one? We are painting (wahoo!) and trying to update the photos!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Um, yes. Hanging on male clients is a no no. Mortgage guys is a different story though. That shit has to CLOSE whatever it takes. Kidding. Not.

And BTW, Coach was DELIGHTED to see the women's softball team, he even knew their names. What a weirdo. I mean, what a coach. Yuck.

I feel the need to go put on lipgloss, just no feel

hee hee

Anonymous said...

I am so coming out of the closet as a "Real Housewives" watcher. Can't help it but I am addicted to that show, just glad "JO" is gone from the previous season.

a. said...

I did know about Jeana and Tom - I think they mentioned that on a previous show? Can't remember where I heard it.

Quinn was amusing this week because she was just trying too hard. Agree about the boobs.

Don't get me started on Lauri - every episode it's "I love Sophie, she's the perfect daughter and she reminds me so much of ME!" No wonder her other kids feel like outcasts.

That whole thing with Vicki and Frankie was stupid. She is so hyper it annoys me. I am glad they took it down a notch when they got the massages the next morning. Whew!

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