Robbing the Cradle-Real Housewives Recap-December 11th

This week's episode was a little more exciting than the last. The main reason...the newest Housewife, Quinn!

Quinn is twice divorced, single and hates to be alone, which becomes obvious very quickly.

She is the most natural looking of all the housewives. It appears that she has not been Botoxed or had implants. (Although she does flaunt her assets!) She is a cute lady, but there is no way she can pass for thirty as she seems to think!

Her whole "Christian thing" seems like shtick to me. They show her reading the bible and then sitting on a date getting drunk with a 26 year old man who is trying to figure out whether or not she's wearing panties. The night before they show her on a date with a man closer to her age, getting drunk once again, hanging all over him and talking about their great times in the hot tub.

The scene where she meets the Housewives for the first time was so awkward! They were super catty to her. It almost seems like they were coached to pick on her. MEOW!

Lauri is harsh. It's as though someone injected Botox into her soul. When her daughter Ashley asked if she could be Maid of Honor at her wedding, she was so COLD!!! I would be touched that my only daughter would like to stand at my side at my THIRD WEDDING. Maybe she was feeling emotion, but her face is so paralyzed she just couldn't show it.

I enjoyed watching Jeana and Colton's trip to Vancouver. It must be exciting for Colton to see his big brother play minor league baseball. And what a thrill for him to workout with team. It was cute to see them spend time as a family with no fights! (Except, of course when Jeana was eating her Chipwich and Colton tried to stop her!!)

How about Vicki's son Michael doing his insurance internship? I think he's in for a rude awakening about earning a living. (Pretty normal for a kid his age!) He sees mom earning the big bucks and thinks it's easy to do. He must have said fifty times, "I want a yacht." So do I buddy, but you've got to bust some serious hump to afford even the gas to run one of those babies.

Oh and one more thing...Seattle looks so gorgeous. That looks like my kind of city. I definitely want to plan a trip there!

Tamra's son Ryan is going through the same growing pains working for Simon at the Mercedes dealership. I remember those days, thinking I was so smart and getting stuck in an entry level job doing grunt work. I hope he'll stick it out. But I doubt he will.

It looks like next week they are going to get the ladies liquored up yet again and let them go at it. In the previews it looks like Vicki and Jeana had there claws out. It should be ugly and I'll be tuned in to watch all the mayhem!


Tickled Pink & Green said...

My Hubby is in Seattle right now!

Anonymous said...

Quinn was annoying. So not 30.

WSU Laura said...

Great recap! I was just complaining about the sense of entitlement of those kids, how Lauri's face looks really weird, and the catty remarks from Tamara about Quinn (jealousy?). Love it. And Seattle is gorgeous when the weather cooperates.

Anonymous said...

Quinn is not that cute, not that young looking and I didn't think her ginormous boobs were all that great to look at. I agree that the Christian thing was schtick because isn't acting like a Christian part of being one, not just saying you're one? She was like a hormonal teen with the older guy on their date. Ugh. I don't like her already.

a. said...

Totally fell asleep during the last 20 mins! Quinn was interesting and not in a good way.

Mantoloking in the house. I knew you were north of me from some clue you gave in a previous post - oh maybe it was the Bon Jovi related one :-)

Brilliant Asylum said...

Quinn seems nice, but not exciting enough to have a camera following her 24/7. She makes me miss annoying Jo de la Rosa. Heard she just got her own pilot with Slade Smiley. Uh oh!

a. said...

I sort of miss annoying Jo too. A show with Slade???? OMG - are they back together?

hello darling (formerly hello sunshine!) said...

Okay, so I HAVE to catch a marathon... Boyfriend hates this show more than anything, and we have one tv and live in a studio :(

Things That Inspire said...

Yes, this show has a strange fascination to me. Perhaps it is because I love Orange County in general - I would never live there, but it is one of my favorite places to visit. Laguna Beach, Newport, Dana Point - can't get enough of them!

I love your gentle understanding of the trials of the kids (esp the ones starting out and trying to make a living), and your realistic condemnation of some of the housewives. I too think that Lori is getting harsher and harsher. I thought she was a much more sympathetic character when she was the 'struggling hosuewife', dealing with financial issues, age issues, child issues.

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