Someone's on the naughty list!

Is nothing sacred???

Store Selling Controversial Santa Claus T-Shirts

A popular clothing store among teens is selling a line of controversial holiday t-shirts including one with a not-so-jolly message from Santa.

The t-shirt says "Santa Claus Hates You" as Santa is seen making an obscene gesture.

The Urban Outfitters at Arden Fair Mall doesn't have the shirts in stores yet, but you can find them online.

The store is no stanger to controversy.

Urban outfitters also sold gun Christmas ornaments last year.

And a few years ago the retail chain was criticized for selling a board game called "Ghetto-opoly."


Avery Gray said...

I think people get too worked up over these things. The more they complain, the more shirts the store will sell, so they won't have accomplished anything anyhow.

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