I hate to nitpick...

Have you heard about Hair Fairies?

Check out their website! I was watching an old episode of HBO's "Tell Me You Love Me" and one of the characters and her kids are sitting in the chairs at Hair Fairies getting their heads examined for lice! When I saw this I was intrigued.

Last year all the schools in my town had an epidemic of lice. Apparently the little buggers are getting super strong and resistant to the popular lice killers used for years on little scalps around the world.

I used tea tree oil shampoo on my girls, I checked their heads every night. I jumped every time I saw them scratch. The lice epidemic came and went and I thought I had dodged the bullet. Until...the dreaded phone call. "Hello Mrs. ---, this is the school nurse. Please come pick up your daughter...she has (creepy music-DA DA DA!!!) LICE!! (AHHHHH!)

My blood ran cold. I went to pick her up at the nurse. "Mom-why do I have to go home?" she asked. I whispered, "You have lice honey..." "Why are you whispering Mom-they're just bugs." "Sorry-I didn't mean to whisper, you're right, nothing to be embarrassed about!" Meanwhile, Mom is literally "bugging" out! The nurse showed me the little gnat-like vermin on my darling daughter's cute little head. They were not as gross as I thought-BUT STILL!!!

Anyway, I had heard that some of the parents from the fancy private school in town were sending their children to a woman in Brooklyn who would professionally "nit pick" for about $100 an hour. That was not an option for us - logistically or financially.

So I hit the drug store, armed myself with combs and special shampoos and in three days my home and child were lice free. (Three days of non-stop laundry, vacuuming, combing and shampooing!)

As it turns out, a Brownie outing horseback riding with lots of shared helmets created a small outbreak of 7 year old girls. Thankfully for my morale, Meg was not alone. Since we didn't hide what happened I was officially part of the "lice club" at school. People stopped me at the supermarket, the ice cream parlor, the post office. They would offer support. "Hey-I went through it last year-I feel your pain." I was AMAZED by how many people approached me with words o f encouragement. It's not until you join the "lice club" that the other members reveal themselves to you. It's a semi-secret society.

So that, my friends is the story of why I was so interested when I saw Hair Fairies. With the right marketing, even picking lice eggs off a kid's itchy scalp can seem kind of cute! (NOT!)

"I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members."

Groucho Marx


Avery Gray said...

Ugh! Lice. I think my brother must have rubbed his head on every kid who ever had it in our school, because he was constantly infesting the rest of us. (My parents were Einsteins, apparently, and didn't even think about giving us our own brushes. We had to share them. Idiots!)

My scalp is itching just thinking about it!

Jenna said...

It went through my daughter's school a couple weeks ago..so far we are clear.

I love the "As seen in People Magazine" on the ad.

Mom on the Run said...

With 4 kids I have no idea how I managed to dodge a lice infestation, but so far, so good. It's a miracle, though, because when the girls were little they were in the Nutcracker and they shared headpieces, mouse heads, soldier hats, etc.

I think the only thing that saved us is that everybody's hair was filthy and full of gooey hair gel. Lice love those little girls with long, clean hair.

Candace said...

love that tea tree oil!
there is a business for everything, lice removal, sleep training, potty training, lice removal!
Did you watch the season finale of tell me you love me? wowza.

CashmereLibrarian said...

Lice are fun. Ours appeared one weekend when my parents happened to be visiting. The boys were philosophically calm about the whole procedure, but my mom (who was a nurse in her pre-kid life) helpfully freaked out. Ye gads.

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