Confucius say..."Little things mean alot!"

A few days ago I posted about "THE BUDGET" and how I've learned the hard way that small purchases here and there (a Webkinz on Monday, lip gloss on Tuesday, a bouquet of flowers Wednesday...) can add up in a big way! The same applies to lots of areas. Avoid laundry for a day, the next day you're standing knee deep in dirty socks and underwear. Let your kids stay up an hour late, they're cranky little buggers the next day. Do ya see where I'm headed here?

Another area in life where little things add up is diet. The above mentioned areas (money, housekeeping, consistency with kids) have always been a challenge for me. The past few years, however, my discipline in controlling my calorie intake has been a strong point for me. (Not healthy eating per se-just controlled portions!)

My best friend used to say to me, "The pleasure from eating a candy bar for thirty seconds cannot compare to the happiness that comes from being thin 24/7." (She's the Confucius of Jersey-who has lots of hilarious and sage words of wisdom.) Shallow, I know, but this statement resonates in my head every time I'm tempted to eat a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's.

The good news is, that in any area, if you practice discipline, there are moments when you can SPLURGE , guilt free. This morning was one of those moments. After I dropped Meg at school I high tailed it to my local Dunkin' Donuts and ordered me a large coffee LIGHT WITH CREAM and a Boston creme donut. (Can you say, sugar, fat and caffeine? Yeah baby!) I enjoyed every calorie laden bite-DELICIOUS! So here I sit, wired on sugar and caffeine, still basking in the afterglow of my gluttonous experience in the front seat of my mini-van. Soon my sugar high will end and I'll have to push myself on pure fortitude to do all the "little things" a mom has to do!

Maybe if I do some laundry, make all the beds and unload the dishwasher I can read some other peoples' blogs-GUILT FREE!


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