"Real Housewives" Wrap up

Another great week. I find all these women fascinating!

Tammy-I'll start with the O.C. Angels. That head O.C. Angel scared the crap out of me! Did you see the way she drove that Hummer? She's a spoiled little wench. She's definitely going to end up maiming someone with that thing. The guys in charge should take the keys away from her pronto!

Jeana-I wonder about Jeana's son Colton. She claims he knew she was going away for a few days. I that's true wouldn't she follow up with a note and some phone calls. I wonder if she's a "good mom" only when it's convenient for her. Kara seems to have her shit together-she seems like a great kid.

Tamra-well she proved how shallow she is again this week! I can't imagine climbing into a tanning bed ever again! The producers must coach her to say things like "I'm so hot looking" and "I'm all about looking good. My life is about being tan and blond!" I have to agree with her that the Harleys are pretty cool and if I were in her position I'd be sporting all the cool jackets and boots. She can definitely pull it off. I would have been screaming like an idiot if I were on the back of one of those hogs going 70 miles per hour!

Vicki-I get such a kick out of her. You have to admire her drive and work ethic. Thank goodness for her husband Donn. He is a smart guy and they really balance each other! The whole thing with the pool was nuts! Imagine being pissed that your husband only wants to spend $150,000 on a pool. Life is rough when you can't have a volcano and waterfalls in your backyard. I guess her idea of a happenin' entertaining area closely resembles a Las Vegas theme casino!

Laurie-What a shocker that Josh is living with George's ex-wife. There's a friendship based on hate! I've hear that George dumped his ex and left her with very little cash. Josh is so resentful. (God knows what went on in his childhood.) He must be a HUGE handful to live with! And how about the girls getting themselves all slutty looking for a party at the Playboy Mansion. Would you want your 18 year old daughter flashing her boobs at one of those parties? It is a family tradition-their mothers flashed their goodies at the Playboy Mansion, as did their grandmothers. Someday their daughters will do the same. Like a Norman Rockwell painting with implants and hair weaves.

I love the previews for next week-they are implying that Jeana gets injured jumping off a cliff into shallow water. I seriously doubt she'll actually jump-but I'll be tuned in!


The 5 Bickies said...

Just looked at Bravo's schedule to see when I can catch it again. Tonight at Midnight...hello TIVO.

Did you know that each housewife has their own BLOG?

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

many, many thoughts on last night's show. I wonder why the that guy bought the Hummer for her? hmmm, things that make you go hmmmm?

Anonymous said...

I wandered why the daughter only got into Berkeley if she was valedictorian?

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