Real Housewives-A Caffeine Court Analysis

Okay Clemson Girl-as per your request-here are some observations on last night's episode of "Real Housewives of Orange County!"

Tamra-New Girl-IDIOT. Who coached her to say she's "the hottest housewife in Orange County"?

Jeana-Her youngest Colton is headed for BIG trouble. He seemed like an okay kid in season's past-but he seems really messed up now.

Lauri-I hear George dumped his ex-wife and left her with very little. I would steer clear of him if I were her. If he did it once - he'll do it again. I can't wait to see what happens with their daughters in Miami!

Vicki-She's nuts. It kills me the way she blatantly uses money to control her family.

Tammi-So sad with her ex-husband. How about his "Thai Wife" leaving him on the kitchen floor while he had a massive heart attack! Her girls are so lost. My husband and I both watch the show and we feel scared for them. They really have nothing going for them-and without a rich daddy to bail them out I can't imagine what they'll do to support themselves!

The show portrays the people in Coto de Caza as completely screwed up. But I'm sure I wouldn't watch it if it were about happy, well adjusted families.


a. said...

The first episode did not disappoint! Looks like we are in for a bumpy season :-)

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Thank you! Also, do you have a "thing" however creepy and inappropiate, for Shane or is it just me...

and Tamra's oldest is gay. Wonder if he knows...

Anthony said...

I knew I liked you. The more I visit I see why. ;o)

I wanted to invite you to join in my new Surfer's Paradise Carnival. I'm sure you can make it a lot more fun.

hello darling (formerly hello sunshine!) said...

I've never seen a more disgusted look on my man's face than when I told him that my roommate and I once watched the entire first season marathon one Sunday. All day.

This is the man who can't get enough of Jackass.

Whatev. :)

Mom on the Run said...

There are two or three of them that I always get mixed up.

Blonde hair that is too long for their age, fake boobs, tan....who can tell them apart?

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