Gifts for the hard to shop for!

Here's a NaBloPoMo filler post if I ever saw one!!!  Notice my obsession with derrieres the past few days.  Why?  Only my shrink knows!

For people who hate rubbing that sweaty butt crack smell on their face!

The Original Butt Face Towel-at:
Merlin's Box.com

A wonderful gift for a gardener who loves asses!
(You can use your Butt Face Towel on him)
also from Merlin's Box.com
Mooning Garden Gnomes

The Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure (from Amazon.com)

The Obsessive Compulsive action figure stands 5 ¼" tall. Razor-neat, sterile-white, christened with a perpetually dismayed and mildly disgusted expression, the Obsessive Compulsive features a miniature surgical mask and a full-size hypoallergenic sanitary wipe that should be opened and used prior to removing the Obsessive Compulsive action figure from his packaging. Welcome to Hell. For the Obsessive Compulsive, the nightmare begins the minute he rises from his sparse, troubled sleep. The morning is a mixture of monstrous time-consuming rituals. He perceives an infuriating substandard level of cleanliness even in his own sealed and sanitized apartment, a fact that only seems to punctuate the germ-laden maelstrom of chaos located beyond the threshold of his front door. Very often he requires his surgical mask and gloves to move among the horrible masses. After years of practice, he hass become almost preternaturally adept at avoiding direct contact with others. He realizes, soon, that he will be rendered incapable of even leaving his apartment, and this knowledge brings an acid-tasting mixture of hope and hopelessness.

(And I'll bet he would love the Butt Face Towel!)

I have a little personal shopping business.

For a mere $50 per hour I can find little treasures such as these for the special people in your life!

Please call: 1-888-WHTTRSH


Becky said...

OMG! this leaves me LMAO! cute post!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Hey Dr. Ruth, you have a problem and someone needs to get to the bottom of it ASSAP.

yuk yuk

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