Still more keywords...

Obviously I can't get enough of Google Analytics! My favorite information is the keywords used to reach my blog.

Here are some of the latest!

cakey crepey eye skin
fat pantyhose
what does Confucius say about donuts?
dirty cat fights
midlife mommy blogs
cosmetics for midlife
scoundrels are attractive

I hope the people searching for information on all these fascinating topics left my site a bit wiser. I am, after all, an authority on dirty cat fights, cakey, crepey eye skin and fat pantyhose. That's why you love me!


Amy said...

It is so funny how people find us on Google! I think my favorite for the month is "pack of old ladies spitting". Really what was this person looking for?

LunaNik said...

I once did a funny post about breast milk. Big mistake. Because my blog has "black" in the name and because I have a post that mentions breast milk, I get alot of people...I mean perverts...searching for "black women who are dripping milk out of their breasts".

Nice, eh?

david mcmahon said...

Confucius (an avid golfer) say: Donuts a hole in one.

Tara R. said...

oooooOoo.... dirty cat fights. I would love to read that blog post. =p

kari said...

Hilarious! The things people search for...

suchsimplepleasures said...

i did the same kind of post today. there are some seriously strange people out there...the internet makes them waaaaaaay too close for comfort!

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