The Australian Open-Glamour Grand Slam Final

Even if you don't play tennis, don't miss tonight's women's finals which pits Serbian number 4 seed Ana Ivanovic against Russian number 5 seed Maria Sharapova! Tune in to ESPN2 tonight at 9:30 to watch two amazing athletes and glamorous personalities go head-to-head in what is sure to be an AMAZING match up! I promise it will be much more entertaining than anything else on TV tonight! I'm sure they'll be more drama all the episodes of "Real Housewives" combined.

(And both girls are NATURALLY gorgeous! Which means your husband will probably want to watch with you!)



a. said...

Can't wait for this :-)

suchsimplepleasures said...

my hubby has already let me know that he thinks they are both hot!!! oh, the competition...i'm so worried!!

Candace said...

omigod! they're turning me on! How great you love tennis. I saw the women's open? is that right?? in LA a couple of years ago and it was so fun to go watch!!

Emily said...

we ( I ) have watched just about every minute of the "Happy Slam" since it started. I set my alarm for this mornings match, but it was over before I got out of bed. Wouldn't you know it. I am waiting for the repeat! Loving it all, tried some shots today on court, even though it was 39 degrees and I had a skirt on... can't play in pants, just can't do it! Enjoy tonight!

Quirkee James said...

God Bless women's tennis!

:beer: Blog Hopping!

BuzzeeDad said...

Thank you so much for implicitly allowing men to drool for these two beautiful women. WOW.

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