Real Housewives Steps it up a Notch!

For as boring as last week's episode was-this week was chock full of O.C. action!

The scene where Vicki and Jeana take Vicki's assistant to a salon for a makeover was wins Best of Show! When she got the Brazilian Wax, I was GENUINELY laughing. Hysterical! And when she cried because she was so happy, it broke my heart. It was so sweet of Vicki to do that for her and I could tell that she was someone who had never been pampered or taken care of. Funny how Vicki made her into a little clone of herself!!

As for Vicki's "small" house that she has listed with Jeana-I do not blame her one bit for getting agitated! That house looked like a dump! Jeana needs to hire someone to get Slade's sh-t out of there!!! And Frankie looks like a nice enough guy, but for a decorator, he sure is a slob!

The Botox party was tons of laughs. Seems strange to get wasted and inject your face-but it did look like fun. (Note to Tammi-don't try to B.S. us and say it was your first time trying Botox-you can't fool me!!)

The Wedding Shower for Lauri was interesting. George must be loving all the sexy lingerie she received! It seems like all her friends are waiting for the bubble to burst. There was alot of commentary on how it's all a fantasy now, but that marriage is hard work, blah, blah, blah. All true-I guess time will tell. It was sweet that Lauri asked Ashley to be her Maid of Honor. I was touched for about 10 seconds, until Ashley asked Lauri if she would get a special gift, like a car for a reward!

And then there's Quinn. Poor Quinn. Yet another ex-boyfriend shows up at her cookout, Billy isn't really working out. She seems so lonely. I hope she finds a nice guy. It's kind of sad to watch.

Next week sounds exciting. Josh is back!!! That should provide lots of drama! Don't forget to set your TiVo for Bravo, next Tuesday the 15th at 10PM and "Watch What Happens!"


Traci Anne said...

I REAAAAALLY need to start watching this again, except the kids make me want to pull my hair out!

suchsimplepleasures said...

no...there is a full on nude. send me your email...i'll send it to you! it is a drool fest...trust me!! i think i might be a pervert...i look this pic up, waaaaaay too much!!

Candace said...

First of all, Lauri is too grown to be having this kind of a wedding. One where the invite goes out in a box. I can't believe how nobody cares about education in this "oc world" and I think they are all drowning in credit card bills. I do not believe they all have as much money as they say (well, maybe george does). Lauri must give exceptional head.
Quinn is so odd, there are no words. And the new assistant tami looks like vicki.
and they all need to beef up their parenting skills.
that's all.
(not that I have an opinion)
oh, and there's going to be a real housewives of new york! I'm thrilled!

A Buns Life said...

With the writer's strike, my husband has even started watching with me, though he won't admit he likes it, he talks about the show more than I do! :)

Roanoke Academy of Medicine Alliance said...

Could you believe how two faced Vicki was, though? She gave that lovey dovey speech at the shower only AFTER saying last season that it was "too good to be true" and she didn't think Lauri "deserved" the relationship with George. She went on and on about how hard she worked and how she and earned her money and Lauri just looked pretty. It was the episode where George gave Lauri a car. I genuinely like Lauri. Especially after she made the family take a REAL vacation to Yellowstone. Vicki needs to draw back a jealous nub.

a. said...

Next week is going to be GOOD! Whenever Josh is involved there is bound to be a blow-up!

suchsimplepleasures said...

ok, go check out my blog...i posted a pic...not the full on naked one...it's censored. but...it's there...only, i don't know how to make it bigger so, you'll have to squint and use your imagination!!!
have an awesome day!

Immoral Matriarch said...

I've only seen one episode of i and I wasn't impressed but damnitt you make it sound so good! *lol*

a. said...

Did you hear Matt Keogh is in the slammer - drunk driving again!


The Mrs. said...

Love the show and this episode was great. I kind of hate Lori's daughter who basically thought she SHOULD be bridesmaid. Not that she shouldn't but hell! Wait till your mom asks! I'm scared for Josh to come back. Poor guy.

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