"Real Housewives Heats Up": January 15th Recap

I'm finally getting to my "Real Housewives" review! (I think I need to get a job!)

Another good one this week. I love that the attention is off the kids and back where it should be-with the Housewives!

Looks like things with Quinn and Billy are looking up. I hope things work out with them. She is so lonely and I think she needs a husband DESPERATELY! They sure do know how to suck down those glasses of wine! I'd be a wreck if I drank as much as she does. To the left is a nice shot of her LONG cleavage.

The setup for George and Lauri's wedding looks incredible. I can't even imagine how much moola went into it! I CAN'T WAIT until next week! I liked the flashbacks to Lauri's single mom days when Laurelei told her she should lower her standards. Good for Lauri for sticking to her guns!

The big news this week was Tamra's 40th birthday party on Simon's new yacht. This party was a perfect example of "if you've got it, flaunt it!" The whole diamond encrusted Rolex thing was so tacky! To add fuel to the fire, Vicki was so jealous of the Rolex and resentful that her husband never bought her one! Ewww.

Simon and Tamra do make a cute couple and she is always fun to watch. Apparently they have sex everyday or he can't sell cars. Dr. Oz would approve of that! My sister in law told me that he recommends 200 big O's per year to improve our health. Interesting concept...but I digress. (How about when her Mom said she has a TRAMP STAMP?!) Looks like mom had a few too many Cosmos!!! All in all a good time was had by all at Tamra's soiree!

My favorite part of the show? When Jeana admitted that she has a little crush on Vicki's husband Donn. Apparently Vicki doesn't want him anymore, so I think she should give him to Jeana.

As for Tammi-the show seems to have dropped her storyline like a hot potato. Now they just toss her into the Botox parties and wedding showers, but she sure doesn't say much.

The whole Lauri/Josh therapist thing didn't really pan out. It certainly didn't look like they were making progress. I was expecting a big confrontation. Maybe next week.

Tune in for next weeks' big finale! I'm so sad because to see the season end...as you can tell I LOVE those Coto ladies!

March 4th is the premiere of "Real Housewives of New York City!" It won't be as foreign to me as the O.C. lifestyle, but it looks extremely entertaining nonetheless!


Paula said...

I'm going to be sad when this season is over. Loved your recap. I want to hang out with those ladies for just one day.

Anonymous said...

i love me some real housewives! missed the show this week...so glad you do a recap!

Penny said...

Thanks for the OC update. I never get a chance to watch it, but absolutely love it. I desperately needed the update.

Belle in Bloom said...

I LOVED it when Jeana let on about Don. Vicki really is getting on my nerves. The rolex jealousy was awful. How greedy can Vicki be? I hope Jeana and Don get together. I'd love to see the look on Vicky's face. I can't wait to see the wedding. It's going to be amazing. I need to get a life...

Anonymous said...

I'm watching the repeat today. Can't wait.

The Mrs. said...

I love this show so much. The wedding is going to be insane! I hope Josh goes!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I love this show, have watched it since the first season (So, I REALLY need to get a life)! ;) Great recap! That Rolex was SO tacky but many things I see on that show are, that is why I love it! ;)

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