Would you read IT???

"If I Did It" the infamous O.J. Simpson "confession" (as some people call it) to the 1994 murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is now available for purchase.

Fred and Kim Goldman as well as Denise Brown, Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden appeared on "Oprah" Thursday to discuss the book.

The following is from Oprah's website:

Fred and Kim say that publishing the book and taking 90 percent of the profits—which will amount to 17 cents per book—is a form of restitution. "We have a judgment, the only form of justice that we were able to attain through the civil court," Fred says. "And that piece of paper is meaningless unless we pursue that judgment. We took away the opportunity from him to earn additional money, and that money is the only form of justice."

Unlike the Goldman family, Denise Brown has been steadfast in her position against publication. She says she would rather that people neither buy nor read the book. "I think it's garbage," she says. "It was written by the man that murdered my sister and Ron. I mean, how good can it be? He wants to make a name for himself, possibly, back in the public eye.

Oprah says she won't buy or read the book. She has a very good point and I admire her integrity.

I, on the other hand, will admit that I am intrigued by what is in that book. O.J. is clearly a very sick man, and I find it bizarre that he chose to write it-no matter how much money he thought he was going to make. It's as if he's preying on the families of his victims. I could take the politically correct stance and say I stick with Oprah and I will never touch this garbage. (And I really do think it's garbage-plus I think O.J. is a complete a-hole.) Instead I'll tell you the truth. Someday-when I'm alone (without my kids) I will go to Barnes and Noble and take a peek. There I said it. Sorry-I'm a jerk.

What do you think? Will you buy it? Would you read it? Would you take a peek for free? Do you think O.J. will come after me for calling him an a-hole???

This inquiring mind wants to know!


Tickled Pink & Green said...

Speaking of OJ, we were just in Los Angeles back in July and I made the Hubby go by Nicole Simpson's old condo (crime scene) and OJ's property (the house itself was demolished a few years back)... I can't believe how close in proximity they were. That SOB had plenty of time to get there and back in that "window of opportunity." I'm telling you, it was creepy.

suburban prep said...

No way would it be on my reading list.

HouseMouse said...

Nope--wouldn't buy or read it, but the 'net is a great place for curious folks like myself to find out about it anyway.

Anonymous said...


That is exactly the kind of thing I would do if I went to LA.

That must have been really eery.


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