I miss those Housewives "Real" Bad!

Speaking of Cougars...did any of you watch this show when it was on Bravo? It ran for two seasons and I absolutely loved it. I think the "Housewives" (and I use the term loosely) got sick of cameras in their homes-so they're looking for some new ladies for the show.

It's amazing how different life is in "The O.C." These women live in Coto de Casa where breast implants are mandatory, as is Botox. They drive Hummers with cubic zirconia on the hubcaps and they give their children brand new BMWs for when they turn 16.

I know it's warm in California-but my goodness-so much cleavage. When it's hot here in Rumson we all run around in Fresh Produce beach cover ups and Lands End tankinis. I guess if you shell out ten grand for some new hooters you've got to flaunt the suckers!

Can you tell I'm obsessing over plastic surgery? I was flat chested to begin with and I breast fed my two daughters so I am now officially sporting two partially filled water balloons in my bra, which is so big on me I should stuff toilet paper in there! No lie, unless I buy a training bra there are no cup sizes small enough for my "man boobs." One of my buddies gave me her "chicken cutlet" fake breasts when she got her implants, but my kids found them and threw them around so much they burst. Anyway if there was any other way to get a B-Cup aside from surgery and paying mega bucks I would do it!

If you watch the show there are definitely examples of what too much plastic surgery can do to a person. Lauri Waring looks like a transvestite. Everything in moderation ladies!


Southern Fried Girl said...

I so miss that show too. I was curious what would happen with Jo and Slade down the road.

Preppy Napkin said...

I didn't watch that show from the beginning, but it was easy to catch up with. I also miss it!

Ned said...

I loved that show too!

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