It's all about me?

Today I went school shopping with 8 year old daughter. (Along with one of her best friends and her 5 year old brother) I struggled to keep her attention while picking out outfits and shoes she will actually wear. Finally she she snapped-"Mom-why does it always have to be about YOU?!" I was baffled-here I was sweating-flustered-trying to balance piles of clothes and shoes! "What are you talking about? I'm buying this all for YOU!!!" "Yeah-but YOU'RE the one who wants me to have new school clothes!!!" Hmmm. Food for thought and a great argument for school uniforms. I should have just headed straight for Banana Republic and acted like the selfish mommy I seem to be. Or-maybe I should just send her to school wearing "floods" and torn flip-flops. Maybe I can make a dress from Webkinz or call Super Nanny, or Nanny McPhee or Dr. Phil...BAD MOMMY!

I think I'll go take a bottle of Midol.Justify Full


Alexis Black said...

Wow! I'd love to know what your sister said that prompted the blockage! Anyway, I love your blog. And, on the shopping front, I can relate. I took all three to the mall (not an activity Drew enjoys) clothes shopping. We had a huge fight about characters on the shoes - I won and we left without any princesses or Spidermen...only to run into my neighbor seconds later arms full of princess shoes. Speaking of BAD MOMMIES!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Just wait. It gets worse. I have an 11 year old girl. Trust me. : )

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