No more Pop-Tarts for breakfast or Access Hollywood on the tube. This morning when I was dropping my older daughter off at school she accidently bumped into her 4 year old sister-(post Pop-Tart breakfast) which caused the little one to fly into a rage!

"I don't like Meg! Meg isn't pretty or famous!"

Whoa low blow there.

I'm switching to Mister Rogers and whole grain cereal.


Pretty Preppy Monograms said...

Hi Jill!
Thanks for stopping by our blog! Check back with us, we'll be posting about some tennis items!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Too funny!

(at first I read it as you were cutting pop tarts, as in literally cutting them into pieces and I thought "wonder why she's doing that?" lol

Speaking of TARTS, that is all they show now on those entertainment shows.... ;-)

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