The Coffee Court Polo

This is the Silk Court Polo from J. McLaughlin.

A friend of mine wore this to our tennis team party the other night. Pretty appropriate name for the shirt the "COURT" polo! In of all colors "COFFEE!" It's destiny I tell you! This shirt is gorgeous. My fashion savvy friend has this in coffee/wheat, navy/lime as well as red/white. She has five kids too, so I guess you could say she has more than earned it!

At $155, I'd be lucky to snag just one. There is a J. McLaughlin store five minutes from me in Shrewsbury. Maybe I'll just go try it on. Will that be enough for me? Probably not.

Who knows, maybe it will look hideous on me! One can only hope, then I won't be tempted!

Better yet, do you think Marshall's will start carrying J. McLaughlin. (I can dream can't I?)

Since I'll probably have to buy a new dining room rug this shirt might be COMPLETELY out of the question. Maybe one of you lovely ladies can buy one and I'll live vicariously through you!


Tickled Pink & Green said...

In regards to Marshalls carrying J McLaughlin, hey you never know! Who knew they would ever carry Vineyard Vines & Lilly?

All I know is I have a closet full of darling clothes when I went on a complete shopping extravaganza in 2005. Then I got pregnant, and many of the items still have their tags on b/c I can't fit into them. And still can't. : (

suburban prep said...

I love J. McLaughlin. I have found out that their clothing runs a bit small. I have one pair of pants that I bought this summer that were 1/2 off andthen and extra % because it was a sidewalk sale.

Preppy Napkin said...

J. McLaughlin is one of my favorites. The closest one to me is 3 hours away-which is proabably a good thing.

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