The Tao of Mommy

Things can get a little tense around my house-(my housekeeping skills-money) So what did I do? I went to Barnes and Noble and SPENT MONEY (bad girl!) on this 8-CD set:

Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life

Living the Wisdom of the Tao
by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

By the way-I know I should have borrowed it from the library and that if I stopped making purchases like this every week I could save $2,010.84 per year. GOT IT.

It's quite soothing. (So much so-that I fear I may fall asleep at the wheel.) The good news is that since I'm very rarely alone in the car-I'm kept awake by my children's very loud requests for me to turn off Wayne and put on the Hannah Montana Soundtrack.

On the rare occasions that I am alone-I'm like
the friggin' Dalai Lama of Central Jersey. A regular Zen Master Flash. I aspire to such an enlightened state of being. (Until someone cuts me off in traffic-which sends me right back into my Tony Soprano persona.)

But seriously-I am trying to
live a life that is balanced, moral, spiritual, and always concerned with working for the good. Not always an easy thing to do. If I can "Do the Tao" every day-maybe I will chill a little-and make my little corner of the 'burbs a paradise of peace and tranquility.

No that's not me- that's a mom who has achieved the state of well being I strive for. (either that or she's been smoking some really good ganja!)


Tickled Pink & Green said...

Oh, come on now, admit it, that's you in the picture.... ;-)

Maybe you could just do what George Constanza's dad did and chant "Serenity Now!"... ha ha

Tickled Pink & Green said...

By the way, I voted in the poll, but I really can't say which I like better, TJ's or Marshalls. I've found incredible stuff in both. (probably b/c they're owned by the same people)...

Anonymous said...

I found the Vineyard Vines stuff that everyone has been talking about in Marshall's. They also had a big rack of Lilly. The VV stuff looked really dumpy on me-and I have so much Lilly I can't justify buying any more. (The sample sale is only 1 1/2 hours from my house!)

Alexis Black said...

Can you imagine Catherine sitting with you like that? It made me laugh just thinking about it. She would just laugh and laugh!

HouseMouse said...

I think I want to be the mom in the picture. She looks like she hasn't a care in the world!

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