Sleepover Patrol

I am on sleepover patrol. It's only 10:40 and I'm already exhausted. THEY WON'T STOP TALKING! They are also getting out of bed, poking at each other and accusing one another of inappropriate language.

I knew it was coming...and I let it happen. I am writing this down as a reminder to myself next time Meg asks if more than one friend can sleep over.

The party was fun. They are quite an energetic bunch. Next year we're going to do something quiet. Like go to a yoga retreat, or a monastery.

I shouldn't complain...this is way better than what my parents dealt with when they were my age. I was a freshman in college, my sister was a senior in high school and my youngest sis was in eighth grade. Christmas and summer breaks were a nightmare for Mom and Dad. All three of us were out-god knows where-and my parents stayed up waiting for all of us!!!

I'll be 51 when Meg is a senior in high school. I think I'll have to sneak LoJack in her shoes so I can keep tabs on her. But for now-I know exactly where she is-8 years old, wide awake at 11 PM and gabbing with her two best friends. I should consider myself lucky.


Tickled Pink & Green said...

51? Ha! That's how old I'll be when I'm taking my newest addition to the family to first grade!

I'll be 63 when my youngest daughter is a senior - if I make it that long!

P.S. I tagged you! (see my blog)

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