Urine Trouble

This is my favorite time of the year. I love fall. The air is crisp, it's time to go apple and pumpkin picking. My kids are excited to be back to school. But there is something someone tarnishing, or should I say stinking up my bliss. My kitty cat. He has recurring bladder problems and it's back with a vengeance.

He seems to favor my eldest daughter's room and our dining room This time he chose the dining room rug. In between fun family activities I have spent the day treating, blotting, scrubbing and repeating. I have gone through two bottles of very expensive enzyme cleaners and rented a professional grade carpet shampooer.

My husband has had it. If he had his druthers Mickey (my cat) would be on death row. The kids and I love the cat so much-and I can't stand the thought of terminating the life of such a wonderful pet. I won't even get into all of his positive attributes. Let's just say that other than this recurring problem he is the best cat I've ever had.

News flash: As I was typing the last sentence-I noticed an odor. I thought it was my imagination, but upon further investigation I discovered cat pee on a coloring book my little one left on the floor. GROSS! I'll admit, I'm freaking out. Tomorrow, if I can manage to get him in his cat carrier, Mickey is going to the vet. Who will ask for a SAMPLE of my cat's urine. (Fat chance of getting that.) I will then receive medicine that will require me to tackle my cat with a towel, wrestle him like an alligator and hold his mouth open while my husband attempts to squirt said medicine into his throat. Oh the joys of pet ownership. Maybe it worked out okay that I only had two children. These pets are wearing me down!

Back to work.


Tickled Pink & Green said...

Too funny. We're having similar problems, but with our dogs. We remodeled and added on last year and so we have some new rugs & carpets. For some reason dogs (even our girl dogs) feel the need to "break in" the new carpets by peeing on them. Now because of this we do not really let our dogs upstairs anymore, which is kinda sad. So we have these "gates" (that you use for toddlers) on both staircases so the dogs can't get up there. I'm so sick of these gates and stepping over them! Plus the shedding going on right now is driving me crazy. I love my dogs, but oh they are trouble!

cbp said...

Try nature's miracle. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats and it is doing wonders for our urine/ general pet odor.

Jill said...

Thanks for the advice. I used the Nature's Miracle after flushing the rug with cold water with a carpet shampooer to remove as much urine as possible. They say it can take 2 weeks for the enzymes in NM to work-so now it's wait and see!

Nature's Miracle said...

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Thomas said...

All for the love of pet ownership indeed! Pet urine, particularly cats can be quite stinky. It would be such a nuisance to clean their mess every now and then. Our carpet suffers badly for keeping 2 cats. That's why my wife decided to hire professionals in carpet cleaning. In Los Angeles and other parts of the country, experts use advanced deodorizers to remove the bad odor in the flooring. A carpet cleaning service (Los Angeles and other places) could be the best option when normal cleaning strategies fail.

Good luck with your trip to the vet. Keep us posted. Thanks!

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