I made a very big scheduling mistake yesterday. I agreed to play four hours of tennis. Noon until two. (An hour with a pro an hour of ladies' doubles.) Then 8-10 PM mixed doubles. (With men who SMASH the ball!)

Today my 42 year old muscles and joints are soooo sore.

This is a day when I need to suck it up and push myself. I can't let my leisure activities interfere with my motherly responsibilities.

I have to admit that in a perfect world I would get a massage, sit in a hot tub and nap all afternoon. In my world, I'll take an Advil, watch Spongebob with my 4-year old. (my rest time) Then go to the supermarket (the cupboard is bare), put away laundry and try to straighten the absolute disaster this house has become post-cleaning frenzy. (See my post from Tuesday.)
Wish me luck!

Update: Wow-what a difference a couple of hours makes. I took my Advil and plopped myself on the couch with Catherine to watch Spongebob (which is a really funny show by the way.) She was thrilled that I joined her, since I don't usually sit and watch TV in the morning. (Instead I sit on the computer.)

She could tell I was hurting-so she kept applying Chapstick to my lips (I have no idea why-but I didn't care) and rubbing my head. 45 minutes later I stood up and a miraculous change had occurred. I'm still a bit sore-but completely revived. YAY! I was getting a little worried. I'm getting older, but 4 hours of tennis shouldn't make me feel like I fell down a flight of stairs. Now it's time to take on the day!


suburban prep said...

What kids won't do to make sure their parents are ok.

Southern Fried Girl said...

Four HOURS of tennis? Sorry, I can't get past that part.

How cute that she kept putting chapstick on you. Love that.

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Yeah, you need a good day at the spa. I wish I loved playing a sport as much as you - and would play it for 4 hours.

I get winded putting the baby girl in her crib. lol.

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