Daub & Bauble

I just bought the most amazing smelling and beautifully packaged dish detergent. It's made by Daub & Bauble. Check out the website for store locations. I purchased mine at Sickles Market in Little Silver NJ.

I chose the Mission Fig & Thyme fragrance-it's heavenly. They also have Sorrento Lemon & Ginger and Tarocco Orange & Clove.

This is the bottle:

Here are some of the design choices:

Using this detergent actually makes washing dishes an enjoyable tolerable experience!
(Hey look at me-I'm getting fancy-now I can use the strikethrough font!)


Tickled Pink & Green said...

How do you use the strike thru? Last night I was trying to use the one where you can color some of your text, but then I couldn't get it to stop, and it would color everything I wrote afterwards. WTH?? This little stuff drives me crazy.

That stuff looks cute and I'm all about packaging! I got the prettiest soap dispenser pump for my bathroom at Marshalls(!) for about $3.99. And it goes with my decor/color scheme. It's some of the most beautiful packaging (for soap)and I've never seen it anywhere else ever! Seriously, it makes washing my hands almost a pleasure! lol. (maybe I'll post a pic)....isn't it hilarious what we get excited about these days?!

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