Navy Nail Polish

Navy nail polish is sooo in style. I just had my hair cut and colored which afforded me the opportunity to read Elle, Vogue and Allure. All three magazines confirmed it...OPI Russian Navy is all the rage! It's a beautiful deep indigo color.

Well-I couldn't resist. I sauntered over to the manicure table and slapped some on my nails and I completely love it! (Although it is a bit goth.)

The problem is...I'm a 42 year old suburban housewife who drives a Toyota minivan. I'm just not cool enough to pull it off. This stuff definitely is made for young urban hipsters. :(

Here's my plan. Flip-flop season is almost over here in NJ, so the next time I get a pedicure-I'm going for it. That way I can enjoy my little dose of coolness in private.

Okay-nail polish update.  I was obsessing-so I ran to my favorite pharmacy,  (which will be the subject of another posting-that's how amazing this pharmacy is) and purchased the Russian Navy.  As I said-a little bold for the fingernails-unless I'm heading to some hip bar or restaurant.  (yeah right!)   On the toes-gorgeous!  My advice-go for it.  Snatch up a bottle while you can.  Apparently it's flying off the shelves. 


suburban prep said...

I am like the navy as well. I am 43 housewife driving an suv and I live in the Midwest so I think it would have to wait for a while at least for me.

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Okay, finally some bloggers over 40! Yeeeaaah!

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