The Fair Haven Fireman's Fair

Tonight was the final night of the above mentioned event! I almost forgot about it-but my almost 8 year old daughter sure didn't!!

It really is fun-like a Norman Rockwell painting full of yuppies and their yuppie puppies. We had a great time. I'm waiting for my phone call to tell me I won the 50-50. The prize is 20 grand!!! Wouldn't that be a treat.

It was hard controlling myself in the eating department-the fair offers all the typical artery clogging, sugar laden goodies you can imagine. We feasted on hot dogs, cheese fries, cotton candy, mustard smeared soft pretzels and clam chowder.

It's amazing nobody puked on the bumper cars!

Going to the fair is always bittersweet-because it officially ends our summer season.

Now it's time to empty the cabana and pull out the backpacks!

M is starting 3rd grade on Wednesday. The e-mails and phone calls have been flying to see "who's in who's class!" Lots of excitement. The good part is-M is completely excited to start school-I'm really proud of her.

I'm turning in early tonight-we had an awesome visit with my 2 sisters and their VERY active children. My little sis's Southern Living party was tons of fun. It seems the only time I drink too much is at those parties. Must be an occupational hazard of being a "party professional."


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