Let's welcome a new blogger to our little club!

A person very near and dear to my heart has just started a blog.

Go check her out and give her some positive reinforcement!

You can find her at SimplyNotSo.

Tell her that her big sis sent you!

(Oh and if she tells any stories about me, don't believe a word she says, she's a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!)


Emila Yusof said...

Hi Jill! I still can't get thru to your e-mail. So I've uploaded the image here: http://i448.photobucket.com/albums/qq205/emilayusof/jillyou.png

do let me know if you want me to amend anything. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I just visited the new neighbor and took a casserole. lol.

simplynotso said...

Hey, thanks for the oh so sweet intro:) love ya!

Kate said...

As your Mom I am so happy that you are so kind to your baby sister and introduced all your fans to her Blog.
I have had to actually steal some of your buddies and kind of force them to read mine. Perhaps a more flowery intro for MAMMA will help.
Say how openminded I am and young at heart and cute and lovable.

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