"Almost" Perfect

A friend of mine (who has breast implants) e-mailed me an article about a high school senior who died recently while undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Here are some excerpts from the article.

"Her friends said she was "perfect," so when she died Saturday of complications from breast augmentation surgery, none of them could understand how the girl whose success in life "was a sure thing" could perish in such a strange and devastating fashion."

"She had a charmed life: captain of the varsity cheerleading squad , a nearly perfect grade-point average, good looks and a ticket to the University of -----, where she would start her journey toward becoming a medical doctor."

"She was a great athlete. And she had all of these other things going for her, too. She did everything well."

"---- had brains to match her beauty, friends said, earning a GPA above 4.0, acing advanced placement courses and earning an acceptance letter from the University of -----."

And now she's gone...because she was "almost perfect" according to our standards of beauty, but not quite. So at the age of 18 she went into an outpatient facility, was put under general anesthesia, and never woke up. What a senseless tragedy. The worst part is, she was already perfect. She was a smart, healthy 18 year old girl, and now she's gone, forever.

So heartbreaking.

Hug your daughters (and while you're at it, give yourself a hug.) And remember, you are perfect, just the way you are!


Anonymous said...

How sad!!!



Anonymous said...

this happened here in Boca Raton - she was destined to go to UF- but it happened last year I believe...she died of a complication with the anesthesia and the anesthesiologist didn't have the drug to counter the effect of her reaction because it was 'too expensive'. You bet that there is a dirty fight going on but I think it either is about to settle or has already settled. The girl was beautiful as she was- the mother had given her the implants as a Senior Year gift.

Imagine how she still feels- it was awful that it happened but please do tell me- why is a mother offering her still not fully grown up kid a boob job? WHY??

ok you know how I feel about this now

Being Brazen said...

Thats really sad.

Some people just put much pressure on themselves to be perefct or believe the hype that perfect is a certain look, size or hair colour...such lies.

Anonymous said...

What friend sent that article to you ?

Gretchen said...

i have blogged about this too. check out my site www.myimplantstory.com and www.beautyandthebreast.org


KSK said...

Wow. We DO need to help our daughters see their own intelligence, strength, and, yes, beauty. From day 1 to forever.

Petunia said...

I wish that these unnecessary plastic surgeries were not such an awful trend nowadays! How sad.

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