Are you there God? It's me, Jill.

Dear Lord,

Please let the tropical storm predicted to hit coastal Jersey head out to sea.

You see, I have a birthday party scheduled for my 9 year old daughter and 20 of her closest friends at a local kids' dance club. The party starts at 5 pm, when the wind gusts should be hitting about 50 mph.

I've ordered the cake, stuffed the goody bags, my van is loaded with Hannah Montana plates and napkins, and my sweet little daughter is soooo excited. (But I guess you already know all that)

I don't ask for much. (Okay, maybe I do.) But this time, I'm pleading.

Cut me a break with this one, and I owe you one. BIG TIME!


Update: 4:46 PM EST: I figured God might have alot on his plate, so I took matters into my own hands and rescheduled the party for Friday the 12th.

Now all I have to do is break the news to my daughter and call 20 girls! Yay me!


Anonymous said...

oh that stinks- its been raining here all freaking day

Anonymous said...

YIKES...good luck with that!!! It's done nothing but look nasty here all day, sprinkling, misting...blah!

beach mama said...

I know!! My mom is going to a wedding tomorrow that is supposed to be ON.THE.BEACH! So just imagine if that was your daughter's biggest day! They'll always be another bday next year. wedding? notsomuch.

I am hoping for no rain too...but on the plus side, I don't think the winds are supposed to get that high here...according to the weatherchannel.com hourly report.

P said...

I wish you much luck in keeping the storm away. No matter what, though, have fun!

Alexis Black said...

Bold move, Jill! I am sure that's going to cost you. You better have something good planned for this weekend. LOL. Batten down the hatches. Hope you guys stay safe and comfortable. Up here it is 85 at 7 and brutally humid. We hit the pool this afternoon and then poor Z had soccer...can you say meltdown?


Oh, I feel for you! We're having a party for my stepson today and I've been praying for sunny skies since it's outside at a park. I guess he decided to grant my wish instead of yours...sorry! (hee hee)

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