What a busy week I've had...

I've been DYING to dish the dirt on "Housewives" so here goes!

The Count and Countess are "in the house!"
(Do you think he sleeps in a coffin and grows fangs at night?)

I'm going to focus on the LuAnn/Jill/Ramona saga. I still have no problem with LuAnn. On a superficial level it appears she really has it together. She's gorgeous and rich, her house is spectacular, she dresses great, she's got an amazing figure and her kids seem to be normal. (Damn her!) LuAnn has poise and self confidence, she's a Countess and runs in some very exclusive social circles. Considering all that, it would be unusual for her to be completely down to earth.

Let's face it. She does think she's better than Ramona. Technically it's wrong, but it happens all the time, and Ramona IS annoying and insecure.

The whole fiasco with Ramona's cooking party got so out of control. That Jill is such a spiteful piece of work. Let it go! So you didn't get invited to a little party. So what? She says she's not close to Ramona anyway. What an ego. She's just pissed that Ramona invited LuAnn, her girl crush. Don't worry Jill, Ramona won't steal your Countess from you...or your "gay husband" Brad!

Now let's get to the tennis match. I have to tell you, this scene hit a little close to home for me! First of all, the spectators. This reminded me so much of my team tennis matches. There is always an obnoxious group of ladies in the peanut gallery dressed up in these little ensembles. They talk really loud, clap after points and dispute line calls. How rude! I swear you would think these women are at the U.S. Open. Ewww.

The trash talk is so familiar to me too! We all want to win, but calm down! I find it embarrassing to strut around and talk about how I intend to demolish someone on the court.

That woman Jill really feels like a better person when she wins and she took so much pleasure in seeing Ramona lose. I find that depressing. Enough about the tennis. Clearly this is an emotional subject for me. I'm working very hard to overcome my tennis related mental issues.

Next week we get to see Jill throw a fit during fashion week because Ramona is seated in front of her at a runway show. Oh the hardships these women endure...it's heartbreaking!

Jill and Bobby
You can't see her hand...but it's
reaching for his wallet!


SnappyCasualGifts said...

I remembered to watch the other night. Did you get the impression that they aren't that good at tennis? Maybe it is b/c I have played for years but I didn't find them to be much more than beginners.

Anonymous said...

gay husband brad is not jill's husband:)

so tired said...

I haven't watched the episode yet and I might not get to it before I see the next one.... but, is it Ramona with the really bad hair? The horse face woman with the gay husband has bad hair too.

How can they have bad hair with all that money? You'd think the producers would say something. I don't know...

Huckdoll said...

I love these recaps...keep 'em coming, you're hilarious!

Penny said...

Oh, my, I've got to find some time to watch! And they play tennis too! I can't stand it. I'll definitely make the time to watch next week.

Caffeine Court said...


I know that Brad is not Jill's official husband. She calls him her "gay husband" which is why I put it in quotation marks. Jill is married to Bobby.

Snappy-they are TERRIBLE at tennis, which is one of the MANY reasons Bethenny commented that watching them play was like watching a train wreck!

Brie said...

Tennis is like that where I live too. I hear all kinds of ridiculous stories from my friends who play. Sometimes it sounds like high school all over. I haven't played in years and these stories I hear keep me far far away!

I love housewives too :)

Candace said...

oh, this was a great recap! I look forward to more! I've already watched this episode more than once. I scare myself.

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