The Return of "The Slammin' Post Awards" aka Why I Love Blogging!

I just took a few minutes to check out some of your blogs and I realized ONE of the reasons I love blogging.

It's so much fun to sit down for a few minutes with a cup of coffee and "visit" with my blog friends.

I never know what little treasures I find as I browse around the blogging world.

That being said, I'm going to hand out a couple of "Slammin' Post Awards" to some ladies who are actually doing something I haven't done in quite awhile...WRITING. (Really writing not just posting pictures or movie reviews!)

MizSassy, a friend of Maria's at Immoral Matriarch, has a gem of a blog! I love this post and that's why I'm giving it my very prestigious award. Check out Hearsay and Heretics' "Realizations." She totally rocks!

Lunanik at "Secrets of a Black Heart" always writes the best stuff, but this particular post floored me. I would have killed this guy before I would be able to write a post like this! Check out "A Letter."

Maybe I will write a Slammin' Post soon! One can only hope.


LunaNik said...

Oh thanks!! I LOVE this award and must admit that I've had my eye on it since I've started reading your blog. Squeeeeeee...so excited to flaunt this one!

Impoverished Preppy said...

So glad the Slammin' Posts are back. But where's the red carpet pre-show?

I just finished the meme so go take a look. I am exhausted... you weren't kidding about meme's being work.

MizSassy said...

Wow! Thanks a bunch! You pissed Maria off! LOL! It's ok. She's sitting here across from me so I'll just knock her in the head.

I'll be writing more! Soon...!

The Immoral Matriarch said...

I'm pissed. I should get an award by default or being the pathway to Jenee.

Booo everyone who's names starts with a J!!!


The Immoral Matriarch said...

AND she posts her comment before me??? JESUS!!! I'm going to curl up in a corner and dieeeeee.

I still love you though. :)
Just not Jenee.

Tara R. said...

Two of my favs too... great picks!

P said...

Great picks. I, too, love to curl up with my coffee and read some blogs.

Karen MEG said...

I'm laughing at this whole exchange btwn mizsassy and Maria ... was soooo wondering if she'd be pissed ... scratch!!! and she did not disappoint!

What great awards. And great blogs. I know what you mean about really "writing"... I haven't done that in quite a while.

off to do some reading...

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