I know you've all been waiting with baited breath to hear about my field trip to the gyno with my 4 year old. Thanks to the Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendogs it was a piece of cake. I swear I could have given birth right then and there and Catherine wouldn't have noticed. She was pretty into her game and sat on her little stool happy as a clam. (No pun intended) She was coughing quite a bit and looked very tired, but I'll get to that later.

If my gynecologist has her way, my blog name will have to be changed to "Decaf Court." Apparently I have pretty lumpy breasts. They are also pretty sore. (Too much information???!)

When I told her how much caffeine I consume in a day she was shocked. Her advice, eliminate all caffeine. AS IF!!! I told the good doctor that I don't drink (except for an occasional wild party) or smoke. I absolutely have to have a vice, and mine is caffeine, so I will continue to have lumpy sore breasts. It's totally worth it!

As I mentioned, Catherine has been sick all week. Her doctor said to bring her in if she got any worse. Sooo, later in the day, I put her in my lap and sat down to watch my recorded episode of "Real Housewives of NYC. " She then proceeded to cough VIOLENTLY and then vomit all over me and herself. I carried her upstairs to put her in the tub and she puked all over the bathroom floor. Needless to say a visit to the EMO ensued. A few chest rays later we eliminated the possibility of pneumonia. We got an antibiotic prescription and they sent us packing.

Today Catherine and I will stay home and HOPEFULLY she will recover. It's been a tough week.

My goals for the day:

  1. Help my sweet little girl recover.
  2. FINALLY Watch "Real Housewives of NYC"
  3. Fold and put away all laundry.
  4. Clean and organize my walk in closet.

I'll wrap up with a prayer:

Heavenly Father, give me the self discipline and motivation to tackle the wrinkled (but clean) mountain of clothing threatening to overtake my laundry room. Watch over me and guide me down the path of righteousness, as I try to avoid facing the carnage that is my walk in closet. And one more thing Lord, please grant me the wisdom to walk away from the temptation of the forbidden fruit (aka Girl Scout Cookies) that beckon me from my pantry.



The Immoral Matriarch said...

We have to talk about Make me a Supermodel! Watch THAT!!

magnolia mama said...

Hang in there, CC!

Anonymous said...

i want girl scout cookies!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I am so sorry that your sweet girl is sick. My ob/gyn wants me to cut out caffeine as well-WHERE do these people go to medical school?

Anyhoo-we have similar goals today. I need to put away a couple of loads and at least explore what needs to be done on Mr. QM's side of the closet.

I am also avoiding Tagalongs in the pantry.

linda said...

poor little one......give up caffeine, are they kidding????

Mom on the Run said...

OK, I had that teeth whitening done and they told me no coffee, tea, diet coke or red wine.

As if.

Amy said...

Wow, laundry and closet are on my weekend to do list too!! Sorry about your little one, hope she gets to feeling better soon! And my saving grace is the Leapster, my Kathryn is completely oblivious to the world when she's playing with that thing!

suchsimplepleasures said...

my big kids are addicted to their ds lite...i really need to get my 4 year old one...maybe he won't follow me around the house so much if he's playing some power ranger superhero blood and guts game.
sorry about your lumpy boobs...mine are, too!! and...i refuse to give up caffeine. what are these doctors...nut jobs?!
thankfully, i ran out of girl scout cookies...i made sure to pack them in my kids lunches...those were NOT helping the 8 pounds i've put on this winter!!
i hope your daughter feels better!!

LunaNik said...

"...happy as a clam"


I spit wine out my nose on that one. You're too much.

Hope Catherine feels better soon!!

Mad About Plaid said...

love your post--check mine out--i used to be hikinco.blogspot.com (queeda mae) but have changed to www.madaboutplaid.blogspot.com

1stopmom said...

Awww, I hope she gets better soon.

Blog hopping on by.....

thorngren said...

I cut out caffeine 3 months ago and still have the same problem-who knows? I enjoy your writing,you have a unique way of expressing yourself..

Mr Lady said...

I would be very grateful if you could squeeze a little "And Mr Lady, too" onto the end of your prayer.


funyhony said...

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