These are a few of my favorite things!

We all have some signature items, clothes, jewelry or accessories that we wear all the time. Here are a few things that I find myself reaching for whenever I go in my closet or jewelry box!

My Helen Ficalora charm necklace. I have the brushed gold version and I wear it all the time!

These necklaces are so simple and pretty. She also designs earrings and rings.

My tall chestnut Ugg boots. Yes I know they are officially out of style, but I don't care! They are so comfy with a cute pair of skinny jeans tucked in. The bonus is that they are the most comfortable boots I own. They're better than slippers!

Wrap dresses. Although I don't own a Diane von Furstenberg I do have quite a collection of wrap dresses, mostly from Banana Republic and Target. They are so flattering and comfortable. You can dress them up with heels or go for a funky look with cool boots!

My Swiss Army Officer's Watch. I bought this watch eight years ago and I wear it constantly.

It's perfect for everyday wear, durable and classic.

I love Jennifer Aniston's elegant tailored style. She always looks so effortless.

I wish I had her wardrobe and her bod! (And throw in her hair while you're at it!)

What are your signature pieces?


Donna said...

Uggs may be out of style, but they remain immensely popular (nearly everyone wears them in CA when the weather turns cold). They may be the one clothing item that transcends style as women choose comfort over fashion.

I actually owned an original Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress back in the 70's and fervently wish I hadn't given it away in the 80's. That's my new excuse for not cleaning out the closet in a couple of years.

suburban prep said...

My style in summer is usually a polo and in the winter a turtleneck.
In jewelry I have a Celtic knot necklace that my husband gave me for my birthday one year and I wear that alot. Then there is always the wedding band.
Shoes ---I go with mules or clogs. something I can put on fast and easy.

A Buns Life said...

In the winter time, for I don't know how many years, I pretty much have lived in turtleneck sweaters. I have one (or two) in just about every color and in the summer solid t-shirts and kahki shorts. I do branch out when I go out, but on a day to day basis.....

Amy said...

Jeans, jeans, jeans! But, much to my husband's displeasure, designer jeans. I figure if I wear them everyday, it's well worth the price! And I heart my Uggs!

Feener said...

i am a fashion don't !!! i need help. i am pretty thin and yet to me a wrap dress would not be flattering b/c it would show my baby belly ???? no ??? help b/c if i should be wearing it - i want one !!

Darrin said...

Great site, I'll forward rthe URL to my bride. She'll really dig this blog!

suchsimplepleasures said...

i "borrow" my daughters ugg boots! she outgrew them so, i sort of took them over! and, i "borrow" my sons creme colored fuzzy crocs...he told me that he looks "gay" in them. So, seeing as I don't...i wear them!
and...my piece de resistance...my hubbys humungous down coat...it looks more like a down comforter on me but i'm so warm and toasty in it, i don't care!!
wow...i'm super stylin.
but, when i'm going out...i dress cute!

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

I like wrap dresses too. They always make me feel a *little* better about myself! I have never owned Uggs...not really cold enough here I guess. As for jewelry, I rarely take off my necklace that is acutally my great grandmother's engagement ring turned into a slide. It is very antique looking and I love it!

BTW-Judith Shakes is working on a new template for me! Thanks for the info!!! I love her site.

magnolia mama said...

I can't do wrap dresses b/c of my baby gut. I wear my AG Club jeans (several different washes) all winter long. I love them!

Johnina said...

I'd say mine are definatley:
The Front snap push up and in bra!
My knee high black high heel boots, look graet under jeans. (You can Dress them up or down.)
My favorite small tear drop diamond earrings.
Of course all worn with other clothes!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Fun post! I love Uggs!

My uniform is: pearl studs, stainless watch, pearl bracelet or sometimes the necklace depending (but not all three). And, my diamond cross. Oxford, cashmere cable knit sweater, Seven jeans and driving mocs... With a LL Bean tote, Longchamp tote or LV speedy. Boring but it's my look!

Maria said...

I wear a lot of black tees. Because I'm so tough. :)

smartmom said...

Actually,wrap dresses should be figure flattering for those women with the "baby gut". Try a stretchy fabric and in the winter wear some control top pantyhose. I have two of these dresses from Marshalls that I wear all the time and I had a baby gut even before babies:)Oh, my Uggs are so comfy and everyday I wear my diamond earrings from my very good jewelry picking husband!

Caffeine Court said...

Note on the wrap dress. If you have a little belly wear some Spanx underneath it! They hold everything in place.

Feener said...

just got me some spanx the other month..cool

Mom on the Run said...

I have a few of the wrap dresses--and lots of spanks.

I always wear my "Tin Cup" necklace (pearls on a chain), gold hoop earrings, stainless steel watch, RL OCBD, white cami for tummy control, khaki pants/capris/skirt, jean jacket, flip flop or slides and JCrew tote bag.

Unless I'm feeling really fat, (or really cold) and then I wear bootcut black leggings and a fleece.

LunaNik said...

Big hoop earrings, leopard print flats, cargo pants, white tank tops, pashminas wrapped around my nedk, BIG HUGE sunglasses, and slouchy purse...think Jessica Alba

Tickled Pink & Green said...

I was just thinking of doing a "signature" style post! We are on the same wavelength.

My signature look is a three quarter sleeve pique polo top - I have them in all colors and they are monogrammed. I get them at LL Bean. Also khaki cropped pants and either madras flip flops or brown moc croc driving mocs from Harolds. Little pearl necklace, silver loops, my new Raymond Weil tank watch (love it!)...if it's cold I put a crew neck cable sweater over the polo and I'm good to go.

Kate said...

I think for winter, my "uniform" is usually sweater (cableknit/argyle/or twinset), dark bootcut jeans, driving mocs (or boots if it's messy out)and a coordinating headband if it's a hair washing day - pony tail if it's not! There is generally at least one pink item in my ensemble - even if it's just my underwear. I vary my jewelry quite a bit - but usually will have pearl studs and my engagement & wedding rings on if nothing else.

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