A wonderful trip to Chuck E. Cheese (A true story)

Catherine and I were running errands the yesterday. As we pulled into the parking lot of a local strip mall she spotted the Chuck E. Cheese (as she always does) and begged to go in. As usual, I refused. She would not let up. Sucker that I am, I started to feel bad, so I glanced in the front window and to my delight, the place was empty. If there was any time to go to Chuck E. Cheese, this was it. I drew the line in the sand. We would play a few games and then continue with our scheduled tasks. She agreed.

Normally I consider an outing with the Chuckster a complete nightmare. It's so loud, the music is blaring, the games are clanging, the kids are shrieking. Invariably some overweight 10 year old plows one of my kids over while charging around in a pizza and soda induced frenzy.

And the cost? Fugetaboutit! You can't get out of there without dropping $50. Not this time. For $4 we played sixteen games. I got to shoot baskets, Catherine played Wac-a-Mole, the Bee Game, Skee-Ball. She went in the car with Chuck E. It was actually fun. When it was time to go we took her 50 tickets and got a squishy pink and green caterpillar. We both left happy. Wow.

My suggestion. If you have to to to Chuck E. Cheese, hit it on a Friday at two in the afternoon with one child. It's the only way to keep your sanity and avoid a three day Chuck E. Cheese migraine.

Here's the educational party of my post: If you are interested in the evolution of Chuck E. Cheese hit the link. He was a rat, but has evolved into a mouse. It's a fascinating journey, you don't want to miss.

“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”

- Dr. Seuss


Anthony said...

As long as Chuck E. doesn't end up on the pizza we'll all be fine, I think.

There were, I should say, several posts I thought about commenting on.

This one, being first, seemed most appropriate...because at this point I want to tell you that you have been included in the newest installment 0f Surfer's Paradise.

I hope the link serves you well.

Alexis Black said...

That is like Chuck E. Cheese heaven! Remember the last time we visited and we went there? My kids still talk about it. They had so much fun. I think Dan and Brad were scarred for life. By the way, love your quote of the day.

Mama Zen said...

So far, I've been able to avoid Chuck; we don't have one in my town. Now, if I could only block out those commercials . . .

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Oh no! The dreaded Chucky (I'm so) Cheesy!!

Since I have a toddler now I guess I may be hitting that place someday, unless I can find a way for her never to hear about it.

And how about the pizza? One time I had some and it was the worst. Horrible!!

Mom on the Run said...

Thankfully, my kids are all nearly grown and I haven't been to Chuck E. Cheese for at least five years.

But there's a reason they serve beer. If you promise the dads beer, you can usually get them to go, too.

Kerry said...

I actually don't mind Chuck's. We get there early enough - or late enough - that I can sit in the most central booth I get a salad and a pizza and lots of tokens for the kids and I read a book and the kids play. I don't care for the junk they get with their tickets but most of the time I don't let them cash it in! I make them save them until we have enough to get something really good!

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