Do you remember these? If you're anywhere near forty I'm sure you do! They're called Klackers but also go by: Clackers, Klick-Klacks, Whackers, Ker-Knockers, Whack'os, Bangers, Poppers, Bonkers, Clack Clacks, K-Nokkers, Mini Poppers, Rockers, Super Clackers, Whak Kos, Quick Klacks, Quick Clacks, Quick Wacks, Zonkers, Popper Knockers, Crackers, Wackers, Knockers and various other names. (Like I'm going to let my kid play with a Knocker, Banger or Whacker!!!) If the perverted names aren't enough, how about giving your child two GLASS balls attached to nylon strings that you are supposed to bang together at a high rate of speed?!

Growing up in the seventies, my friends and I all had them Luckily the worst thing that happened to me was getting hit in the tooth HARD. I still remember the pain.

I didn't have brothers, but apparently there is a strong similarity between this toy and a South American hunting weapon called a bolo. Used in this capacity the Klacker was extremely effective as a weapon and many a young child was rushed to the emergency room after getting clocked by a flying Klacker.

The most common injury, however, were the eye injuries caused by the exploding shrapnel when these babies shattered.

So toss out those Klackers and get your kids some lead covered Polly Pockets...YAY!!!


Tickled Pink & Green said...

Ha!! I remember these well!

Remember the whirlytwirl? Or whatever it was called. It was this round thing and you used a stick to get it going?

How about the yo yo craze?

OMG, don't get me started..... good times, good times.

Ned said...

Ohh I had these. Mine were a deep purple/magenta color with silver flecks. Did you have a lemon twist? I used to skip down the road, swinging the ring around my ankle and hopping over the lemon.

a. said...

OMG - I totally had these...I am 36 :-)

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