Desperately seeking focus...

Desperate Housewife update: Still not in the shower. Catherine and I planted 100 daffodil bulbs in the backyard. I wasn’t wearing a wide brimmed hat, but I did feel very serene and we had some nice mother daughter moments.

I decided that since I’m all gross and sweaty I might as well take another crack at the rug my cat peed on. It’s now on my screened in porch. I’m not giving up on it and the smell is MUCH better…but not gone yet. DAMN!

I also put away some laundry, cleaned out some drawers, played “dog” with Catherine, had her friend Brynn over for a play date , unloaded the dishwasher, sent a couple e-mails and vacuumed the family room and made ONE Bed. I also made lunch, cleaned up from lunch, called my contractor, emptied wastepaper baskets, picked up dog poop from the yard, watered all the plants-you get the picture! I told you I have ADD!

I feel like Eloise at the Plaza. Remember those little red lines that followed her as she bounced from one thing to another?

Now it's time to get in the shower (I can't wait) and beautify!! I'm picking Meg up from school and I don't want to embarrass her in front of her friends!


Tickled Pink & Green said...

You forgot to add that you posted on your blog! THE most important thing...

And you did all that by 11:42am?? Okay, you've done more this morning than I've done all year.

I hate you. ;-)

Christine said...

Okay, the cat pee...have you tried Simple Solutions or Miracle (drag, can't remember the name!)? They work sooooooooo well. They are enzyme solutions you can find at any pet store...the enzymes devour the organic pee stuff. I never thought it would work, but my friend swore by it and I don't know what I'd do without it. I have an insane cat that likes to pee on laundry if it's in a basket. I've saved tons of clothes.

Non toxic, too!

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