Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

A friend of mine told me about this web-site. Check it out it's hilarious. (To those who haven't been scammed by any of these guys.) We had a good time searching towns and people we know.) (My friend is a working mom-so don't accuse me of being a SAHM with too much time on my hands!! :)

Anyway-one of my neighbors is on it, a guy we used to hang out with in our twenties who is now 46 and living the single life is on it...but the BEST is a guy we went to high school with. He was quite a conniver back then and it seems now he's making a living at it!
Bachelorette #1 says:

Fit and Trim, dark haired charmer, Metro-sexual, seductive, very attractive, sweet talking, dude.
This guy will lie about anything and everything. He lies about his age, his work status, his history, his whole entire life. He has a 17 year old daughter and will fail to tell you that until you are hooked. He scams women out of money by seducing them and then telling a story that he has had identity theft and needs to be on your credit cards and borrow money. Currently he owes one ex girlfriend over 100k and the other over 30k. He literally lies about everything under the sun for no reason. Do not get sucked in by this very attractive guy's charm and good looks. He is very, very, very ill and needs psychological treatment for his pathological lieing, drug use and alcoholism.

Do not get involved.

Bacherlorette #2 had this to say:

--- will tell you he is about 4 years younger than he is. We were in a relationship for 3 years and I didn't know his real age until a year after we broke up and his ex-fiance and I met and she told me about it. He is a very ill with the disorder of pathological lieing. He knows this is an illness of his and I believe he is finally getting help for his disorder and his alcohol and drug problem. He claims to have gone to rehab recently. He has a teenage daughter and he will tell you her mother is a nightmare and the truth is that ---- is such a partier, man about town throughout his daughter's life that he has never really been there for her. He owes at least 3 women a total of about 125k (yes you read that right.) He is deeply in debt, is jobless right now and borrows money from all the women he seduces by making up elaborate stories about things that make you feel sorry for him. Because he is physically attractive and so good at lieing women literally end up giving him money and helping him. He will never pay it back as he is addicted to debt and sabotages his own life by running up credit cards and shopping and dining out when he has no money and owes money to people everywhere. He was recently fired for dishonesty at work and also evicted from his apartment building and owes the rental company over 20k. He will tell you that his parents are terrible people that he doesn't get along with when really they have been frustrated for years with his lieing and have a life full of drama from which they always have to bail him out. He is 44 years old, a drug addict, a guy who can't get out of bed before 10AM everyday, lies 24/7 and needs serious psychological and psychiatric help. He is a good man deep down somewhere in there but he is very sick. He continues to attach to women and sucking them dry rather than facing his own problems and getting clean, sober, together and owning up to his responsibilities in life. I hope he gets the help he needs and maybe by the time he is 50 he can have a decent life for himself. Do not get sucked into this guy....you will regret it.

And finally, the not-so-merry widow:

I too had the experience of being taken by -----. I am a widow who had the misfortune of befriending him. Once he learned of what my husband had left me in life insurance he started sucking me dry. He was a charmer who first talked me into buying stock and building my portfolio. To this date I have not seen the certificates. He talked me into getting him a cell phone...lease a car and to getting him credit cards. He told me he would pay me each month for the cell and he would pay for the car and he wanted the credit card bills sent to his residence so that he could handle himself. The car was repossessed and he had numerous parking tickets into the thousands that I paid because the car was in my name. He told me when I leased it for him it would only be for a couple of months. The cell phone bills were well over 20k while he had it. He did not give me money each month for the bill. He actually took the car to California when he worked there for a year. I paid to have the car returned when he moved back and to have the car inspected. His girlfriend in California actually called me and asked me what my relationship was with him because she found my name I'm guessing on the registration for the car. After speaking to me she said that she was going to throw him out that he was living with her. I actually gave him the heads up...which was a big mistake because he told me he wasn't living with her and that she was crazy. It was always a promise to pay me back when he made bonus/commission at whatever new job he had. That he would have me paid off within a couple of years. Well it's been 8 years since I first met him and I have only seen a fraction of what he owes me. He is currently working and tells me that he is homeless that he stays at one girls house a couple of nights and the rest of the time it's hotels...that he does not have the money to send me at this time. It would make you sick to hear everything that he has done to me. Trips that I paid for that never materialized a Sony product to hold my digitital photos...a stereo system...(he gave me his old used one) I'm guessing he used the money to buy a new one for himself or spent it on the girl at the time. I went into a jewelry investment with him…with him selling and me making a profit. I never saw the jewelry or any money from that scam. He forged my name on his apartment lease. I actually had to file for bankruptcy because I could not keep up and was tired of being harassed with the phone calls from the creditors. I'm at the point now of just trying to keep my home and my sanity. The cash that he has borrowed 40k at a time because he was going to jail if he didn’t pay credit cards that he had gotten in his brothers name and his fathers name that they were going to have him prosecuted and I felt if I didn’t help him out and he went to jail I would never see the money that he owes me. I still get credit card applications in his sister in laws name and his name sent to my house. I have been sending them back with a message that she has never lived here and he does not live with here. I was so stupid and should have just jumped on the band wagon of having him sent to jail. Don’t get me wrong…he has attempted to pay me back but I heard from one girl that he lived with that he made enough in one year to put a big dent in what he owed me if not all of it. The whole time he was living with her he was telling me he was homeless that he slept on couches of friends. Girls please be aware…several of the girls that he has been with have similar stories…but I do believe I was the most gullible of all. He will tell you about the identity theft and any story to make you feel bad for him. In fact he is the biggest thief…he takes your heart and your money. He will I’m sure tell you if you are reading this that it is all lies. I have all the proof here at my home and plan to take legal action if he makes no attempt to start paying me back again. I know that I will be dead before his debt to me even comes close to being paid off because he thinks of himself only.

Pretty intense-I have a feeling someday we're going to read that he got whacked by some hitmen.

On a happy note...I'm hitting the town tonight with my very sweet husband, who was quite a ladies man when I met him. I checked out his name on dontdatehimgirl.com and he's fine!!


Alexis Black said...

Have a great time on your date! I'm jealous. We haven't been out together sans children in too long...and Dan is actually at work right now. Boo! BTW, very entertaining site. I checked out a couple of my old beaus...the site must not be well enough known in these parts, because a couple of them should definitely show up there and they do not!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Jill, you didn't look close enough...your husband is on the list. And it says he is really a dangerous and abusive man when the women in his life do not clean their closets. UH-OH!!

Ned said...

Love this site! Have a great time. IS Chuck your neighbor?

Anonymous said...

OOOPS-no thought I deleted his name.

Chuck is a guy I went to High School with. My neighbor is engaged and apparently has been hitting on lots of ladies who are disgruntled.


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