Rock on Mom and Dad!

Brad scored us a couple of sweet seats for the Bon Jovi concert at the Prudential Arena tonight! We are very excited.

I have to admit that the experience is a little different from my younger days. Twenty years ago I lived in Philadelphia and going to a concert meant jumping in a cab or on the subway and cruising to the Philadelphia Spectrum. There was usually a large group of us and there was always lots of drinking and carousing involved. After the concert we would hit a few bars on South Street and stumble home at about 3 am.

Fast Forward. Brad gets the tickets from someone at work and calls me to ask if I'm interested. Am I? YES!!! Next step, snagging a babysitter who can watch my kids until midnight on a school night. Once that task is completed it's just a matter of having emergency contact numbers written down, dinner ready for the babysitter to serve and pjs laid out. Do I have something cool to wear? Not really, but a black tunic sweater and jeans should carry me through. (With funky earrings from Forever 21!)

Then I'll hop in my minivan and drive the speed limit up the Garden State Parkway to meet my husband. (Listening to talk radio the entire trip.)

We'll probably hit a Portuguese restaurant in the Iron Bound for some Paella and a little Sangria (but not too much-I have to drive home after all!)

Then we'll hit the stadium - and once Jon and the boys take the stage-watch out-this old lady is going to jam!!!! (Sort of.)


suburban prep said...

Have a great time.

Alexis Black said...

The picture of Brad at the Bon Jovi concert makes me laugh! Have fun!

msmvnj said...

Have a great time - saw them Friday night and they were incredible!

Kricket said...

Okay, I went to a Bon Jovi concert about 2 years ago, the Have A Nice Day tour. OMG!! I totally reverted back to being a teenager. I was screaming, singing and dancing. My hubby had to stay close by to make sure that I wouldn't be showing any boobies!! I do believe I tried to a couple of times.

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