Halloween "Action!"

My scar would look really hot in this ensemble <<<<<<<

President of the Omega House >>>>

Okay-so last night I made yet another trip to THE FRICKIN' MALL to accessorize my girls' Halloween costumes. I found myself back in the hellacious "Spirits" Halloween store. It must have been Greek night. All the sorority sisters and frat boys from the local university were trying on costumes for the big Halloween mixer Saturday night. Their goal was quite obvious, to get laid.

The girls were all squeezing into slutty nurse and french maid outfits. The boys were showing off their muscles in gladiator and cowboy costumes. Frat parties are wild enough under normal circumstances, throw in some sexy costumes with the shooters and jello shots and watch out!!

I can only imagine the walks of shame home on Sunday morning. There is no way to disguise the previous night's debauchery when you're strutting cross campus in a Catwoman outfit Sunday morning at 9 am. (Trust me, I know)

Those days were tons of fun-but I prefer my own version of "Animal House," my frat boy husband, two very loud and wild daughters, two destructive dogs, and the amazing incontinent cat!

"Is sex dirty? Only if it's done right."

- Woody Allen


Tickled Pink & Green said...


Anonymous said...


I just found your blog, can't remember how, but I'm with SLAH too.

Love seeing the catalog cover in your blog!
I'm in RI.
I'm new to blogging and didn't see an e-mail for you? :o)

linda said...

Hi C.C, found your blog recently and really enjoy reading it.....-Linda

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