Harmless quip?

I'm sure by now you've all seen the clip of President Obama on "The Tonight Show" commenting that his bowling "is like Special Olympics or something..."

Was this a momentary lapse of reason? Or does it reveal a very mean spirited and condescending nature?

Tell me what you think...


Anonymous said...

As I said on Facebook he is our President but he is also human. We all come out with wisecracks that later we regret.
He had no intention of insulting special children. I am sure there will be more remarks that can be criticized in the next 4 years.
Some research would result in many bloopers made by Republican as well as Democratic Presidents.

Tara R. said...

I really need to stay up and watch more late night TV. I hope that was just an unfortunate attempt at humor.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Sorry, but I think it's inexcusable and mean-spirited. I found it absolutely offensive. regardless of party affiliation.

Caffeine Court said...

I'm with you Ladybug's Picnic, it doesn't matter whether this was said by a Republican or a Democrat. Regardless of the source, this "little joke" was out of line.

I love the statement White House spokesman Bill Burton made to the reporters on Air Force One: "The president made an off-hand remark making fun of his own bowling that was in no way intended to disparage the Special Olympics"


What a horribly uncomfortable moment.

Feener said...

i think it is pretty bad, yes we make mistakes but this man is being held up farther than the average man. if he made a remark like that on national tv what is being said in his own living room.

MsMVNJ said...

As the parent of a special needs kid, I think you're all reading too much into this. I'm very sensitive to my son's needs and his sensitivity to being seen as "different" but come on, it was a joke - that's the problem here, we're all so politically correct, we can't see a joke. I call my skiing Special Olympics and my son (an autistic black diamond skiier) says, "Yeah, Mom, you're right -stick to the bunny slopes".

Mrs. D said...

I thought it was an embarassing comment and an unintended insult to Special Olympians, but I've caught myself saying thoughtless things many, many times, so I will not hold it against him. We've all said thoughtless things and although he's our president and SHOULD know better, he's only human. I do hope he learned a big lesson about watching what he says.

Dr Zibbs said...

I just wrote a post about this and it's #5 in Google if you Google "Obama retard Leno"

As for being offensive, it was pretty stupid to say but if it was a conservative saying something like this the Liberals would be all over him.

And further, look at all of the people that have made comments over the years that people took as racist but was said in a harmless way and their careers were ruined. Hmmmm?

The bottom line is that people are human.

Just Ask Beth said...

I think I have said things like that or similar to that, it's not right but WE ALL HAVE said something off color I am sure, it was a misstep on his behalf for sure. No need to cut his head off. My opinion. He apologized. But I did GASP when I heard it, I thought whoopsy big mistake!

Brie said...

I'm not into politics at all. I think it was a lame attempt at a joke and an old one at that.

I'm not offended by it but I'm not easily offended either.

They do jokes like that and take it much further on radio shows we like and we don't think anything of it.

Of course it's not "ok" to say but really at the end of the day who is harmed by it?

David said...

I think it was just an attempt at humor using an old cliche.

And he was being self-deprecating = not condescending or mean.

my 2 cents

Mom x 2 said...

I was surprised he said it. Maybe it's because I'm a fan, I wanted to believe he would never make such a comment. I was offended and disappointed. But the fact that he apologized made me feel better about it. I waited for 8 years for an apology from that other president and he said far worse about far more important issues, IMO.

I'm glad to see he apologized but it obviously doesn't make it right. My SIL has a child with Downs and she said she didn't take offense to it. Everyone has their own comfort level.

Jaina said...

Who'd have thought I'd ever defend the man? But seriously, we all make jokes that might not be considered politically correct, and they're just that: jokes. Harmless quips against ourselves. Should he have said what he did? Probably not. Did he mean anything bad by it? Extremely doubtful. Did he make amends before anyone even started a hullabaloo about it? As far as I've heard. Just goes to show that he's human. While he shouldn't have said it, I sincerely doubt that it was malicious in any way or that it's some window into a vicious, mean-spirited nature. (and keep in mind that I don't particularly like him either, I definitely did not vote for him)

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